I am your Tears

I run down Your faces
I don’t care if you have make up or just washed your face
I don’t care who you are
What position you hold
What occasion you are in
When I sense strong emotions
I just pop out to see what up.

Sometimes I just run down your faces
Without warning
No matter how hard you try to keep me back
I force myself out to investigate if I have to.

Yesterday you quickly wiped me off your left eye
But guess what I went, gained momentum and returned
You couldn’t keep me away anymore
Though you tried your best
So what did I do?
I flooded both your eyes then streamed down.
You lied and said something had gotten in your eye!
Then just allowed me to flow independently
Until I was done.

You are afraid to show me to others
Because I show what’s inside your heart
Fear, Joy, love, pain, the list goes on
If strong emotions happen, I can’t resist the edge
To pop out and see what’s happening out there
Most of the time I don’t seek permission
I just show up.

If there is a foreign object, trying to share my house
I flush it out until it is gone
I fight and protect my delicate home
They call my home Eyes.
I’m ok with that.

They have labeled me accordingly;
Tears of joy,
Tears of sorrow,
Tears of love,
Tears of pain,
Tears of fear,

Mostly I like TEARS OF JOY
Because when I sense this emotion and stream out,
Many don’t resist, they just let me be and are not ashamed of me –
unlike when I come out with other fellow emotions,
I wish human emotions were always Joy.

I am your TEARS
Don’t hold me back
Let me be, to avoid fights and a big mess on your face


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