Silenced by Money

Like a zombie I walk
Silenced by Money
Who do I tell
Heavy guilty sits upon my heart
Like I am carrying the whole world on my shoulder

The only witness was I
But watched as an innocent young man
Same age as my son
Got robbed of his years ahead
As the judge slammed him with a life sentence
Of the killing he done not
And only me knew

The rich guilty one grinned
As he looked at me
With fearful red threatening eyes
Reminding me of the silence
Bought by a bundle of cash

Oh, wrong have I done
Now a prisoner of my own
What different have I?
To the one grinning at me
A killer am I also
Serving a life sentence
In my self-made cell

The money now long gone
In debts! still am I
Only guilt creamed on top
Ask I not, for more
For my family’s safety
Who do I tell?
For I am in torment

Silenced by Money


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