Holy Israel gives God yet another blow in the face

This video sounds nothing short of yet another Bible Prophecy coming to pass right before our very eyes. While life goes on as usual around the globe, the mark of the beast 666 stated in Revelation 13: 17 and Matthew 6: 9 to 13, seem to be taking shape. So the Holy land Israel, gets to fully support and impose it first?!, interesting! God’s chosen people, the apple of his eye gives Him the final blow in the face and one of the piercing final betrayals. Truly this is heartbreaking. They have yet again stirred His anger and when it erupts, all four corners of the World will feel the pinch. The Word says except, of course, those whose names are written in the book. It looks like very soon most will happily take the mark and get pretty settled, and again the Word says, not for long. A Cashless Society means; no mark no buying, selling or medical assistant whatsoever unless you bear this mark voluntary, or by force and order in the end. The majority will take it voluntary, others will find no other choice of survival and still others of different faiths and beliefs will turn down the offer and strongly refuse to have it on any grounds. This calls for repentance and intense praying without ceasing for those of faith in God and His Word which has foretold these events that are unfolding.

If it’s your first time to hear about this, remember you heard first from CBN.

Let those who have ears hear.


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