My Spirit did Yoghurt Art without telling me!


After enjoying my home-made strawberry Greek yoghurt. I thought I noticed a face just when I made the scratch with my desert spoon and guess what I saw!!!!?, a face. Surely I was just eating my yoghurt without anything in mind!

Ladies and gentlemen some kind of art scratch, swirls, shapes is understandable, but a complete face with eyes, nose, mouth lips? And to even put that black right eye fold like some Pirate who lost an eye gives chills really, that is creepy!. Anybody knows who this is, that my Spirit thought it “Ok” to draw without informing me?

I didn’t know what to say so I just told my Spirit that I’m not up for those kind of jokes and that if it insists to make it something light, like flowers.

Again what’s even more fascinating is that when I took the picture I held the glass bowl in my palm and what came out? that red impression at the bottom and now captain Doe with one eye covered looks like he is all up for a bowl of tomatoe soup!

What does anyone think? is this normal?


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