BCN News: Have you been taught the wrong way to pray and sing all your life

It is almost difficult in the World to receive answers from God where prayers, songs, sermons are all about how to lack faith in God. This has been taught to believers not intentionally, unaware, or knowingly to mislead them.  As a result most have been lacking faith in God for the rest of their lives and suffering for the rest of their lives.

Many believers have been taught to pray and sing in a way that lack faith.  People pray for years and wonder what it is they are doing wrong.  Those with wisdom, for example Bob Proctor, the late Wayne Dyer, have figured it out and come out with inspirations of how to live in abundance.  Here is what is so wrong about most who pray.  The Bible says people don’t receive because they pray amiss.  What I’m going to say below is about how NOT to pray amiss.

Always be thankful about what it is that you want.  This shows that you already believe you have it even if you don’t.

If you ask God,

  • to protect you, he has to see the need for protection first.
  • for money, he has to see the lack of it first
  • for healing, he has to see the need for healing first
  • to remove poverty, he has to see you fully in poverty to fulfil the need.
  • for strength, he has to see a full weakness.
  • for peace, he has to see none peace first
  • for happiness he has to see sadness first.
  • for rich, he has to see poor first.
  • for revival he has to see the need for it first.

The list is endless.
Because He is God if He has to see poor, it has to be the real definition of “poor” 100%.  Same as every other thing that you ask.  So unknowingly, you have asked God to see a 100% poverty in you, which is obviously going to weaken your faith in him.

So does God causes bad things to happen to people?  No, He doesn’t, people ask for things themselves and create them unknowingly. God fulfils as he promised “Ask and it shall be given unto you”.  If you ask God for money, he has to see the lack of it first.  So things are going to happen that will leave you cash strapped.  So now you are on the last penny and still God has not fulfilled that need?  Its because already you  have put more doubt by not seeing Him act.  Now you are in a position that you have asked and not received and before God can fulfil it, THE NOT RECEIVING AT THE TIME YOU EXPECT HAS ALREADY UPSET YOU leaving you in a doubtful position.  Now because of doubt God will not act.

The devil is always in competition with God, He will give you more doubt and highlights the reasons why God is not acting such as, THERE IS NO GOD, YOUR GOD IS NOT THERE WHEN YOU NEED HIM.  He then start to put a lot of doubtful stuff in your mind. On his own the devil can’t get anything going.  Once you have initiate the ‘bad’, knowingly or unknowingly, his job is to make sure its doubled, tripled and highly messed up.


Every time you need something from God, do not ask but thank Him for everything that you are in need of. Like the song goes, “Let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich”.  Unless you start thanking Him for the things he has not yet done, you are asking amiss, more of trouble that you will not be able to stay strong and still trust in God.


Most believers have been taught to pray amiss. Most songs are sung the wrong way that invites trouble: God does not take orders from anyone but he loves to prove himself that he is God by pleasing his creation.  He is a God of perfection and does not heed to calls that lack faith. Examples of songs that people think are good.

“I wanna be near to thee Lord” – Already you are believing that God is nowhere closer to you. So God has to see the need, the Gap and its got be reasonable to Him, 100% before he can act.  All because you have doubtfully sang that sentence. These songs invite trouble. Thank him for being near already as he said he will never leave you nor forsake you.

“Draw me close to you” – Here you already doubt that God is with you, He said he will never leave you nor forsake you just have the nerve to argue with him and tell him to draw close.  God is already close to you.  Thank God for being close to you and he will take his place.

“Oh Lord have Mercy on me” When Christ died on the Cross that was forever mercy God gave to His people and yet you ask amiss, lacking faith or rather telling him that He does not have mercy on you, after He gave His son in exchange for that mercy. Try thanking the Lord for having mercy on you instead, not asking him to do what he has already done.

God has already done everything for human and supplied every need.  If you don’t have faith and doubt he has already done these things, you will lack for the rest of your life.

Thank you Lord for giving us this day, our daily bread in stead of Give us this day, our daily bread.  God has already given you this bread for the day, all you have to do is thank him and its fulfilled.  This is difficult to change as we have been taught to pray this prayer in a way that lacks faith. Popular song that lack faith include:

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me within your mighty wings
When the ocean rise….”

Hold me close to you,
Never let me go”

These songs, even myself, I love them and thought they brought me closer to God, before I knew I was already close and already am hidden under his wings.  Therefore telling him to do this again, is showing the lack of faith.  Can Christ be crucified again to show that all is intact?.

Nearly or, almost all believer’s songs lack faith.  Its up to individuals to start looking at it and making some changes when talking to God.

God hears every single prayer, but because of lack of knowledge, unaware, many have asked for poverty instead of riches, illnesses instead of healing, chaos instead of peace.  Those with wisdom, some of them non-Christians found the missing link and they are now  teaching about abundance living, aspirations, how to attract richness, the law of attraction, etc.

Prayer should not be about asking God to do things that he has already done, and ordering him about!.  Prayer is about thanking Him for all your needs even if you don’t have them yet.  God loves to prove he is God by fulfilling your every need, but until you erase those songs, prayers, sermons that lack faith, you will never see his hand in your life.

If you want a handbag, thank him for the handbag, if you want a husband, thank him for giving you one, if you want money, thank him for the money – don’t go giving money in church to people so that God give you back double folded! If it was as easy as that and true, anyone who has ever given tithing, or someone would have become a millionaire a long time ago.  This is not an advice to not give tithing, others or to charity but Give out of love, expecting nothing in return from God or the person you’re giving. (Whilst on this, bare in mind that giving someone money so they can meet their need and then wanting it back, is not good giving to God because you haven’t filled their ‘need’ gap as when they give you back, the lacking gap is recreated and they are back to square one). You cannot buy anything, riches from God, which is why many who have tithed have not received.  The tithes are to help the poor, so give with love, not expecting anything in return and God will remember you even on the things you haven’t asked for.  If you want money from God, kneel down and thank him for it, though you don’t have it just yet and make sure you avoid doubts while waiting because that’s where many fall.

Its never too late to change, start today.  Get rid of any songs and prayers that lack faith, making you ask for things amiss instead of thanking for things.  As most believers’ songs lack faith, you might as well start a list of new songs that are to do with thankfulness or compose your own.




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