How to Write a Description of a Rainy Dark Night For a Story Chapter

If you are having a problem describing a rainy dark night or any other, just pop outside and into the real scenario and simply tell dramatically what you are seeing ensuring you exaggerate and spice it. Avoid telling what it is, just describe it intensely that the reader will know what is it.

Many books tell how to write books  but they never tell you how you can practically train yourself to describe scenarios.  So going around taking some videos will help to get started.
You can practice here and leave your description of the night in the comments section.


How to write a 5 minute Kids’ Fiction Story from real event – Mr Squirrel

Writing or telling Children’ s Stories can be fun and dramatic if you have a live video like, Mr Squirrel, below. You can even make up the story as you go. In this case, The story will just be about the squirrel who climbed a tree. Every other thing will rotate around; when the squirrel started to climb, why it climbed, was it being chased, by who, how it climbed, any obstacles on the way and how it overcame and what happened when it reached the top.

If you spice the story along the way and making Mr Squirrel adventurers!, the kids will love it.  Here you can practice telling a 1 minute story with Mr Squirrel’s video and see what you can come up with. You can also leave in the comments section.

Kids love short stories because they are curious to know the ending, so the shorter the better.