REVIEW: The Morphy Richard’s Pour and Drain Five Piece Equip Pan Set


More than just a Cooking Pan   


The Morphy Richard’s Pour and Drain Five Piece Equip Pan Set may as well be one of the best pans on the market well worth owning. They are more than just pans and of good quality with a perfect finishing touch. If in need of a new set, or are always cooking in the kitchen, Equip set is the best. Its a three in one pan; it colanders, it measures liquid, and most of all cooks your food distributing heat evenly, as its made of stainwp-image-64666520jpg.jpeg-less steel. When cooking you need to drain your vegetables, rice or any other foods that need draining and these pots can just do it through the perforated lids and liquid goes out through a spout around the rims. The perforation is stylish around the lid rim and its in two sizes to accommodate small bits of food and grains. All one has to do is rotate the lid to the required perforation size and start draining immediately. The use of many dishes is also minimized as you won’t need a separate colander. The lids are intact and because of depth size, insert into the pan a bit more than usual pans that if one tilts the pot by mistake they don’t easily drop the lid.


The pans  are made of quality steel therefore strong, and the base is heavy and intact, and so is the handle. Most handles are connected by screws visible on the outside and bits of food maybe contained in the little gaps and the screws may quickly loosen. Equip set handles have a wrap of steel around and no screws are visible anywhere from the outside,  one has to temper with the handle to loosen it. For those who like measuring liquid when cooking, you just have to love the Equip set, it has three different level measurements inscripted inside. You can again save time and avoid extra dishes acquired when using a measuring jug. This is a great product and offers good value for money.

The knobs handles are completely heat resistant.  You can cook for more than an hour and still the knobs are not heated.

morphy3The finish is perfect with the brand name inscripted in raised shiny stylish print, on the handles, that is black and reflects well in light. There is also a brand inscription on the base of the pans that looks very nice. One will be proud for anyone to read and know they own that brand. This is one of the products that one can buy and feel satisfied as a customer, a good deal.

I have had this set for a two weeks now and still I can’t find anything wrong with them.  If anything comes up, I will update.  morphy6If you are thinking of buying a pan set, I highly recommend this one. It just does what the manufacturer intended it to do. So far it has withstood long periods of intense heat and has cooked different foods perfectly with not problems whatsoever.

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