After I boiled the meat for my dinner stew I had the shin bones left. I stare at them for a while, just marvelling at their shapes, too good and curvy for bones. As I thought that they were too good to throw away, some creativity in me took over. I tried to think of what I can do, that has never been done before, and I came up with the following antiques, house decorations, designer collection, or whatever you want to call them. If you have a dog, well, you can start thinking about decorating its kernel, outside or inside or even adding it to your house decor accessories (no-one will ever know what it is, unless you tell them). It’s easy to make, I am not selfish, so will not keep this great idea to myself, that’s why I decided after four years I decided to share – don’t laugh now!!!. Anyways, just follow the step by step instructions at the bottom and you are done.

1. Boil your meat – shin beef

2. Remove beef from the bones

3. Wash the bones with a brush in soapy water, I used sunlight liquid

4. Soak them in a container in bleach for a week

5. Wash them again with soapy water and rinse until all soap and bleach is gone

6. Let them dry for a week under natural sun or air

7. Design them as you wish

8. Now get creative, paint them (I used nail vanish!), but you can use any paint and other accessories, according to your choices and how creative you can get.

You are done; hang them anywhere you like in the house, no-one will ever guess what it is, but they will comment that its beautiful. For those who are business minded like me, you can start a business!!, making dog kernel decorations. I have already started making for friends, in return for cash!!!.


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