End of the World

End of the world?

Let no man lie to you
For no-one knows the day and the hour
Just be prepared
All you know is the signs
That the hour is close at hand

When he does appear
No need for anyone to tell anyone
Every individual, animal, vegetation and fish will know
And wonder loudly
In amazement

If every knee shall bow
Then watch out for your animals that have knees
The ants’ knees!, the list goes on
Oh and mountains singing!wooing!

No other
Can make these happen
Except Him Christ
So let no-one lie to you

Not by Spaceship will he come
Not by birth for the second time
Not in a chariot
But just the way He left
Right from heaven, through the skies
Through the clouds
And down to earth
Unmistakably, Jesus will come

So let no human being lie to you
For no-one knows the day
We are all the same, we don’t know the day.
But the signs we do
Until then, just be good
For that’s all you can do


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