A Little Angel Called Jotta A

I had wondered in the dark and so lost
Far away from God
Into the dark world
Too dark to see or find my way back

Then in midst of the darkness
I heard a sweet voice
Singing from the heart,
With Godly love and great passion
The sweetest sound passed through my ears

I looked and saw a little boy
With a sparkle of love in his eyes.
Singing with an angelic voice
His smile, like a virus
His love for God, contagious

I felt touched by something unknown to me
Something spiritual
That tore me apart
And forced me on to knees in worship
As I suddenly found myself
I had not a clue that I was lost
In tears I prayed to God and
Light came in, as darkness flee.

God sent a little Angel
Overflowing with a spiritual love
To reach out to my heart
And to change my life

So sing on little angel
The sweetest voice of all
And always remember
That somewhere in the world.
You made a difference
To someone who was lost

I love you Little Angel
I call you Angel
I don’t know what else to call you.


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