Bethany’s Wings – Now available at Amazon on Kindle

Bethany is five years old and has an imaginary friend, Angelina, who she plays around with.  Wherever she goes, Angelina goes.  When she plays around with her friends at school or at home, Angelina is always there too.  Everything is about to change as Bethany introduces her imaginary friend to her unexpecting parents.

Soon it was going to be Bethany’s sixth birthday. She had waited patiently for this day for so long. Now it was just three days away. She was very excited because she would get a birthday present!. She had always wanted a jacket like her best friend’s, Angelina. Her mother, Mrs Perkins promised to buy her the jacket if she was good. She was going to take her for shopping, her very first personal shopping trip!. Bethany could not wait. But, there was just one thing; no-one knew what the jacket looked like, except Bethany herself. Bethany’s family had never met Angelina before. No-one knew anything about her, except that she was imaginary. What everyone did not know was that Angelina was very special.



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