I am a Royal Baby

Here I am, curled in the arms of the one,

Who’s voice I know very well,

I’ve just arrived, I don’t know where from,

But somewhere more cosy, quiet and very comfortable


I love her, I feel connected to her

I recognize her voice from way back

The only voice that taught me listening skills

Now I’ve finally met her

She is made of love, I wonder what to call her

Suppose Lovely,

Ahhh, lets wait and see.


They say they couldn’t wait to see me

I couldn’t wait to see who the familiar voices belonged to

Wait a minute, they are calling the voice Princess?

I think that’s a nice name,

I wonder what they will call me

I would like to be called something,

Something as nice as Princess though.


Oh, I hear someone saying I’m Prince

I wonder what it means

A good name, just that it sounds more or less, 

like the beautiful name of the one,

Who bears that voice that kept me going out there,

Wherever that is, where i came from.


I hear they are all waiting, I can’t wait to go out there,

Who are “They”? I wonder,

And why did they have to wait for that long out there,

It’s pretty weird around here, I love the love though,

One thing, they say I’m a Royal Baby!

Whatever that means,

I love the attention,

Let’s wait and see.


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