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A Waterfall of Agape Love cover 2013A Waterfall of Agape Love

The book, a Waterfall Of Agape Love, based on a “Jotta A” Testimony.

Can loving another person with a passion relate to Godly Love?

Some may doubt the love expressed in this book and its relationship with God, some may confuse loving another person with the love of God and worshiping another person (idolatry), some may not tolerate the intimacy of the Holy Spirit, some may argue about another human being drawing another closer to God instead of God directly drawing a person to Himself or through Jesus Christ alone, some may not tolerate that a younger person may be used by God to influence the life of an older person, some may argue on the kind of love mentioned and its effect, but either way, the book is centered on God, the father, the son and the holy spirit and His love that heals, comforts, transforms and repairs, hatching a new fulfilling life in the midst of any crisis the world can bring on a human being.

Read it, review it, argue about it, discuss it, criticize it, share it, rate it, comment on it, disapprove of it, dislike it, love it, hate it, the list is endless, but which ever place you fall under these, this book will make you seek change and look at people differently in a good way.  It will give you the edge to look at “the man in the mirror” and make a change.

Written in a way never written before, it is well written, expressed, and combined.  A book about Spirit, Body and Mind.  It will speak to your heart and let you decide on changing to a better person.  It will make you look inside yourself in search of the love that’s hidden beneath your heart.  This is one book that will explain to you little and bigger things that people overlook and ignore here on earth.  It will make you understand who you are and your place in the world and how you should manage your life through spiritual eyes, yet the very true eyes you are supposed to use in the first place.  It will make you be aware that there is more to living than just waking up and getting on with errands in the non spiritual realm world, whereas your spiritual world hold all the answers to the equations of life.

So, get yourself a copy, share with friends and family and make a change, and please make a review and share with others your opinion after reading.

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