A Birthday Card For Jotta A




6 thoughts on “A Birthday Card For Jotta A

  1. My God!!!, am going CRAZY about the holyghost upon this child! It is making my ministry to run. Will get to meet you one day, let you minister to groups of youth n peeple. Is gonna beSUPERNATURALLY LOADED , EVERYBODY BURSTING FOR THE HOLYGHOST! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!. Bless you Jotta…

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  2. I am having trouble finishing my post. One day when I was praying for Jotta the LORD said Jotta has a Samuel Anointing on him. So I pray he stays humble and with what I have read here he is hiding at the foot of the cross. Thank you Heavenly Father for answering our prayers! We pray in Jesus name the name given among men where by we must be saved! To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! TORI THANKS for writing about Jotta A. He is in the Hands of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! LOVE IN CHRIST GAYLE

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    • Prayers go a long way and there are no distant barriers. He is grateful that people like you and others in including myself show love. Thanks for praying for him. Will post a link to him in his private mail. Jotta does not speak English but may translate.


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