What is so wrong with the Movie “Heaven is for real”?

So what is wrong with the movie everyone is talking about? Christians are marveling and getting immersed in it and some have believed in it, that is what is wrong.  Apart from that shouldn’t it just fall under any other film and silently happen without  Christians going wild and accepting that it is a reality?.

When I heard influential people going out of their way to support this film I thought I would check it out. So I watched the 3 minute trailer and it was good enough to play with my emotions since it is involving children, but was not strong enough to entice me into believing it is real. It worried me realizing it coincides with the Word of the Lord that we all know and that the supposedly influential Christian Shepherds are behind it, is rather disturbing considering the number of sheep they herd, some who vulnerable follow them as they Pied Pipe.

The film is very convincing. I watched the trailer, but my Bible tells me a different story about what happens when people die and I trust in it. It says when people die, they rest in peace and awaits the trumpets and Jesus’ loud call. Please see supporting verses at the bottom. There are many more verses that go against the film.

When people die they simply rest in peace (R.I.P), both the good and bad awaiting judgement day. No-one has been to heaven  except Jesus Christ who is seated at the right hand of His father. John the last disciple only saw in vision whilst he was still alive when he was shown the 3rd heaven. It just made me wonder, if Christians fall for this one easily, how much will they fall when the devil comes with his glory to entice people during the 7 years of tribulation, with his  miracles?

Below is a link of verses that explain death as simply not existing anymore anywhere. What really is disturbing is the number of Churches who are supporting this Film and encouraging their congregation and others to go and watch it. Yes it is touching and it is emotional but where is it leading God’s children, are we to believe in it?. The Bible never said there are people already in Heaven, looking down on others and possessing the power to guard and direct!. The saints will be the first to set their feet in Heaven. Christians should make time read the word of God so that no weapon forged against them may prosper. As it is we see other shepherds entrusted with the flock misleading the vulnerable and non vulnerable flock in these crucial days when time is running out. The Bible talks about people falling away in the end times and Christians must empower themselves in the Word of God so that they will be not fall unaware.

To conclude:  My opinion:  The Bible says that Lucifer was a guard angel, that is a higher rank!, the light bearer right?. The only possibility is that of what in this movie happened would be; the little boy’s soul was being fought for by the Lord and the Devil, like a tug-of-war.  The little boy’s soul was up above his dead body seeing all that was happening right?.  I think that at that point, the devil lost the battle of trying to snatch his soul from his body as God restored it back.  The rest I can only say the devil does miracles too and can shape-shift into anything including objects, bodies, animals, we ain’t seen nothing of his best yet.  Not giving the Devil the glory, no!, but just letting people know who he is what he is capable of.  You have to know your enemy so you know the best weapon that can defeat him and recognize him when he turns up anyhow.  The Bible warned us and said in Rev 12:12: “……. Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you!…) This is heaven where war Angel and God dwell and they are relieved that the devil has fallen.  Surely he must have caused a huge stir and commotion up there, and to have stood his ground fighting back the whole army of angels including the arch angel?! what does that tell you?.  Now the point is, he is still equipped with the abilities he had in heaven and uses them to manipulate people. There is a possibility that his angels could have ship-shaped into beings and portrayed a false flag heaven because they know what it looks like and how life is there, it was their home before the fall , they know exactly the set up.

* Psalms 6:3-5
* Psalms 115:17
* Psalms 146:4
* Ecclesiastes 9:5,6
* Isaiah 38:18-19,


4 thoughts on “What is so wrong with the Movie “Heaven is for real”?

  1. I do agree…we who call ourselves Christian would rather that a movie or other media to shapen our faith instead of reading and studying God’s Word…we must or we will follow every wind of doctrine….keep standing ToriVictoria on God’s Word…keep writing and letting the us and world know about the True and Living God and His son, Jesuse. 

    Patricia A. Culbert-Johnson “I will bless the Lord at all times:His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1

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