A Waterfall of Agape Love


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6 thoughts on “A Waterfall of Agape Love

  1. I dreamt a very specific dream last night that I was reading a book with the word “love” in the title. The author of the book was a woman with dark hair and skin, her name being “Tori V” The book which I read had spiritual things in it, and also was about a boy named Jotta A. So when I awoke from the dream and went researching of Jotta A, I found this website as the second link on the Google Search, the name being Tori V as in the dream! “A waterfall of Agape Love” is no doubt the book which I read in the dream… I wish to read your book, though I confess I am but a young girl and the moment have no possible means to get it yet I am sure one day I will. But all in all, I wanted to tell you this, because it was quite extraordinary how the Lord spoke and then how I happened to find your website in the same day, with the book!
    Peace be with you, Tori V.

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