He said it was sin…..

Had a very weird dream when I decided to take a nap this afternoon, which I never do!.

In my dream the day was just like any other but suddenly went dead quiet though people continued with their errands as usual, like very active zombies. I queued up with the others at an ATM to withdraw some cash. All of a sudden all the ATM machines just clicked open, exposing nicely stashed notes on shelves. At first people remained in the queues afraid to take the money. One man just walked slowly from the queue as if he was in doubt, then quietly took a good amount, I thought enough for all his present problems. He then looked at everyone with a guilty apologetic face, that read “I need it, after all, as you can see I didn’t force it open!”. People looked at one another, still nobody spoke, then rushed to help themselves. Someone said, “the cameras are down & there is no security, what’s happening?”. Nobody answered him.

Loaded with cash, I went my way & saw things were getting chaotic as it was the same town-wide. I passed through another bank in the corner and saw a man with a push cart just
standing there. I thought I could just help myself with more. He just watched so I asked him, “why aren’t you taking some?”, and he said, “I’m not doing it, it’s sin!”. I failed to get him really. but here is the conversation part that really made me write this dream;

I said to him: “it’s recession, didn’t you hear the breaking news yesterday? The last time it happened ages ago, people got rich but all food ran out, there was completely nothing to buy”. The man remained silence. So I did my last bit.  From this one I took a hell lot of money (not that I counted), clearly 5 and 10 stashes of brand new notes. Wierdly I checked the print. Strange enough the notes were not £Pounds, but some other currency I had never seen before. Nevertheless in this dream it was my familiar currency. I walked away feeling rich then……..

I woke up. Creepy dream conversation.



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