Couldn’t help but notice Andrew’s stunning BBQ Cab! Parked in Darlington Central day market yesterday.  Andrew was busy serving delicious barbarcue food that was giving away the inviting delicious flavoury smell from afar. The queue was worth joining, believe me, I personally tasted the burgers, I was curious. Even though Andrew was busy he was kind enough to have a little chat and allowed me to take some pictures.

If you are an outdoor Party Planner, or looking to host a party, you might want to call the BBQ Cab and lessen the burden involved in catering for an outdoor party. Having this stunning cab at your party will make your guests give you thumbs up for a great party.

This ideal BBQ Cab can be driven to any suitable location! the park, the woodlands, by the poolside at your house, the choice is entirely yours. Afterall who doesn’t want a wow! Party spiced with unique style?







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