Every summer season  Crop Tops become a hit. The tops are usually just above the naval or waiste according to one’s choice.  Mostly the higher above the naval the better to quench the heat of the day.  This is one of the type of clothes that enhences excitement and makes one feel free and cool wearing it.  The Crop Top itself no matter the design, is sexy and instantly transforms one into that!.
Be it going on a vacation , to the beach, a stroll in the park, or just sitting in the garden at home, the Crop Top is just so ideal one doesn’t have to think twice about putting it on. Because it makes one feel sexy and some sort of freedom and flexibility, it automatically builds up confidence, which is why most celebrities own a piece.  A Crop Top is an item every woman must consider having in their wardrobe.  Every female wants to feel young, vibrant, energetic and sporty at some point, or now and then, what better small piece of clothing does the job better than a crop top!?.  There are several celebrities who have found the Crop Top irrisistable, just to name a few:

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