Jotta A – Teenage 3

UntitledkoFirst things first, Jotta A has a Birthday coming up on 8/10/15, when he turns 18. You may want to wish him a happy birthday on his (Personal) Twitter:  Its been great watching him grow from a little boy who sang Agnus Dei and received over 35 million views, to a young man who still loves God.  Thanks to all the well-wishers and prayers and his commitment to serve God.  Remember to Keep updated also at Jotta A News.

This year has been interesting following up on the amazing work Jotta A has been doing to date.  It’s been a while, but writing about Jotta A (Jose Antonio Vianna) is aways a pleasure.  If you have read Jotta A Teenage 1 and Jotta A Teenage 2 then you will definitely be more well informed.  So what has been Jotta A up to?.  I gladly answer that, stick with me for a moment.  I wrote on Jotta A Growing strong in the Lord sometime back, you might also want to read that too, as all link to what I’m about to share with you here.

933934_644514285560075_263795245_nYou may have wondered what happened after the release of his album the Jesus Generation, is Jotta still on the call (God’s call)?, is he still singing gospel.  Well I’m not surprised as it is common, right from way back when, when most gospel singers rise with the gospel then suddenly switch to sing for entertainment only or both.  While this is not a bad  move, as people have to have choices, I’m glad that Jotta’s choice is still the same, singing Gospel, to date.   In a world that is so enticing as it is, with fame and fortune, Jotta is still carries his faith going around spreading the Good Word, by His grace.  Ofcourse, he lives his life apart from doing his duty to God, we all do, but  alongside he values his call and loves God. Now he is grown up into a young man still striving to make a difference in a world that is infected by things that lure both men and women, young and old into falling.  We all fall at times, if not so many times, but we rise and so does Jotta.  We help each other as Christians in rising again and avoiding the falls, and Jotta also does his part through reaching out, encouraging and teaching, especiallly the youth.  He remains humble, and tries to be examplary and seeks to please God.  My hope is that he remains so – because it is a good thing and it benefits himself and many others.


In his video, Vencodor, Jotta sings about bulling, reaching out to the victims and passing a message to the bullies to make a change.  What is beautiful about it is everything involves God.  What better power to suggest change.

Some say that he is not perfect, true, ofcourse noone is perfect, but those who try and put their mind on God’s call and pursue righteousness, will always rise again after falling and simply please Him.  We all benefit from those who seek to please God in their work by serving others on His behalf.  We get inspired, encouraged and we learn a thing or two that change our lives for the good.  Here is a book that talks about inspiration and how fruitful Jotta A’s work can be to others.  I had the pleasure of writing it!.  This is based on a true story, the story features Jotta as Joseph (Which apparently is his real name).  See (The Back and Front Cover below).  If you read this book, you will understand Jotta A a bit more toom his character, personality and the spiritual side).  Click on the book for more information. (Note: New cover update).


Jotta has been doing great works for the youth around the world.  His work has taken him reaching out around the world with tours as far as Africa, Europe.  His latest Africa tour was to Angola, Luanda spreading the word to the Youth.   Like his album suggests “The Jesus Generation” supports all his movement, brings to mind “raising a Christ-like generation.

Jotta A in Luanda, Angola

Jotta A in Luanda, Angola

What I like and admire about Jotta A is his down to earth attitude, his persistent in the things of the Lord and how he handles the pressure of rumours, tabloids and still takes on his call at that young age.  How strong can one be?, unless ofcourse there is God in it.  Jotta is God’s amazing and willing vessel and he knows it and that’s what keeps him going and strong.  1973246_10152116597336453_5111465461483163970_oJotta sings from the heart, from the spirit and he is not afraid to give in, surrender and worship the Lord infront of millions, that’s what draws people to his music. It gives one an urge to get down on the knees and worship the Lord.

This song from the Album “The Jesus Generation” has been my favourite for a while with a worship song “Holy Spirit”, here’s the video below:

Watch more Videos of Jotta a Here:

Not only does Jotta A sing, but he preaches the Gospel too.  He is all wrapped up in doing God’s work the best he can, and he has come a long way.  Jotta A has been singing and preaching from the time when he was just a baby and all his life to date.  He was just born on a mission and he is out to accomplish it.


I had people who asked if Jotta is in a relationship.  Well, writing about Jotta is different from writing articles such as gossip columns.  It’s more of helping spreading the word of God and encouraging others and I think Jotta deserves a little respect and privacy on that subject and considering his call (God’s work), I try to focus on his works that uplift other people.  Jotta focuses on his call, however, should he decide to date, disclose his very private life to the public himself, then we would all definitely know about it.

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One thought on “Jotta A – Teenage 3

  1. my name is Daniella Adepa and i love jotta A soo much… he is my mentor,idol and inspiration am from Africa- Ghana and his songs are sooo heart touching even till now wen i listen to his songs i cry and my heart soul is Jux woooow ….. and i hope he comes to do a show in Ghana sooo bad and i dream to see him and tell him that all believers in Christ are with him and that we all are praying for him and that he will still praise our God and Creator and my birthday or my day of birth is 8th October 2000 and am 15yrs of age


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