Deeply Rooted (Psychological Romance/Fan Fiction)

Life is full of contracts. We sign them with ourselves, others, at work, even with God invisibly. We break them, draft them,  see them through or unfulfilled.  Either way, there are results, consequences or great victory. Its the consequences that break us, tear us apart, silence us, imprison us and bring the worst in us that we never knew existed, before even ending our contract here on earth. Its the ones signed in blood that leaves the world talking. In Deeply Rooted breaking such contracts comes with grand consequences, but one would do it anyway, for love.

Genre:  Psychological Romance, Fan Fiction, Women’s Fiction.
Themes: Love, Fame and Fortune, Gay Relationships, Family Relationships, Careers.


Travors’ singing talent has finally paid off giving him the fame and fortune every singer dreams of. He doesn’t hesitate signing the record breaking $300million mega contract.  He ‘s eager to do anything required of him including being power-coupled secretly with Tiffany, another star doing well in the field.  Together they will help the masses in settling in the New World expected. He has nothing to loose and everything to gain. After all its strictly business and will only last five years, but not for Tiffany, she wants more.

All is going smoothly until Travors performs in a little Village of Falmoth in St Ives, Cornwall. He falls deeply rooted in love with Tracy and realises there is more to his contract than meets the eye.  She comes first but the Industry owns him. The contract is at risk. Travors is worth ten times more if he stops breathing. He’s handler and personal assistant, Jonathan, is given the clean-up task but his hidden love for Travors stands in the way.

A unique modern day love story set in the beautiful Cornwall in UK, 21st Century.  The story explores the depth of love, sacrifices, fame and fortune opportunities, music industry, and relationships.

Written by Tori V Musekiwa.


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