Missourri – SPIDERGIRL -1

Coming up soon is a fabulous sci-fi set in the modern times.  Finding out you don’t belong to earth! The news was unbearable to a University student, but nothing can be done about it except getting over it and embracing it.


Earth is attacked and the invaders only want one thing, their own. Everyone on earth appears human. Time is running out until the Earth Governments identifies who it is and hand them over while the invaders are still being patient. There is a problem as they do not know where to start. Meanwhile an innocent student has no idea of her real identity until strange things started to happen during the first year at University Campus.

Then at a University Science Lab an incident happened that puzzled the Scientist while studying spider species but he thinks he has hallucinated. However, he has to be silenced.

ON THE MAKE – out 2016/17

Daily Sunrise

Missourri is Tori V’s first Sci-Fi Novel OUT mid 2016.


Book cover impression - real picture. (Actor D. Maron) Book cover impression – real picture. (Actor D. Maron)

She is 22 years old. She does not mingle very well, many think she’s weird and unfriendly. Sell, she’s more than that. Where she comes from, no human has ever been. She’s seen so much evil on earth, now she defends and protects the innocent and the vulnerable.  But sometimes she gets rough, extremely rough to achieve satisfying results. Her parents lost an egg when they accidentally landed on earth. Ten earth years later a woman collecting birds eggs, warmed it with her hands, admiring it! and its contents that had been lying dormant started to grow, taking form of the woman, human form. Later it hatched.

Her name is Missourri, a first year Science student at the University, living on the campus. Then, all went wrong in the science…

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