Once again I got the opportunity to meet Jotta a in London after three years and took the video below for keeps and sharing. I travelled from up North in London and really looked forward to meeting him.  What a worthy blessing trip. and so I met him again on 10th January 2016. What a good start into the new year for me!

j13Jotta is still amazing!.  He has grown from a little boy who sang “Agnus Dei” and wow millions of peopls, to a Young man who still uses his singing talent to glorify God and bless others.  Still soft spoken, humble, loving with a warm beautiful personality, he has a passion for people and was very accommodating and tolerating to his fans and supporters, with all those “hugs and kisses” being thrown at him.  He really handles the pressure very well and remains calm under the circumstances. Jotta just never stops smiling and returning love.  Most amazingly he can now speak English well and it was just a pleasure chatting with him.  He takes time to attend to people and remembers faces, and I’m glad I was one of them.  He is such a blessing and to hear him sing live was breathtaking as usual.  Yes, a different voice from when he was a young boy, to an even wonderful mature voice, still sings with great passion and it becomes highly contagious!.

Jotta has been touring Europe and he spend two days in London before returning to Portugal where he toured much. He shows affection and is never in a rush to sign the next autograph, so its pretty good he leaves room for a chat.

For more updates and information pop over to his Website, follow on Facebook and Instagram.

For other related stories see: “A Waterfall Of Agape Love“. Written by Author Tori V.


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