All Those End Of the World Predicted Dates

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There is one thing that is very puzzling or rather confusing.  It seems almost impossible to find any possible or true answer to it.

imagesMany people have predicted the end of the world since centuries ago and not one has come to pass, apart from Noah.  Today people continue to do the same, without much success.  One predicts a world end date and if it doesn’t come to pass simply predict another and can do so again and again, and without shame.  It has now become the norm for people of religion and faith to keep crying wolf and leading people to run around in vein. Those who are lied to, who were very emotional or disillusioned about it simply, just like the foreteller, dismiss the lies and move forward like nothing happened, waiting for yet another predicted date that someone will decide on.

Isn’t a false prophet someone who foretells things that don’t come to pass? thus lying to people.  If false prophets are not of God, then aren’t those who foretell a false end of the world date to people using scriptures sinning against God, whether intentionally or unaware? Should they also be called false prophets?

Again, there is something more confusing to think that predicting false world end dates could be classified as of God.  Consider the biblical story of Jonah, when he finally obeyed God and went to Neniver to proclaim its destruction.  The people of Neniver prayed (Jonah 3:6-10) and saved their nation.  Now Jonah ran away as he troubled over why God had decided to withdraw destruction of Neniver.  Did God set up Jonah for people to learn a thing or two about predictions as well apart from the power of prayer? Did he not care the implication it would have on Jonah, to be called a liar? or make the big a lie yet He was the one who sent him to prophecy.  Is God doing the same with people of today?  Are people getting those false end specific dates from God? These are the questions that never seem to have a straight answer. 

Jonah must have believed that the one and only God who can do this miracle would do what he said he would do, destroy Niniver. He took God at his word, but got angry (Johah 4 vs 1), when God did not fulfil the prophecy of destroying Neniver in forty days.  Nowadays people don’t seem to feel remorse or ashamed when their predictions don’t come to pass.  Could they be well aware of God’s compassion? that he would not end the world yet, as long as they are people praying? This seems like a scary thought, because if Rapture is true, then that makes sense to say that after all God’s praying people are gone, there won’t be anyone good enough to intercede for the world, then destruction would just come.  Should we then conclude that as long as people who pray are still on earth, no destruction of the whole world will happen?

Could those who are predicting wrong date merely be right by overridden by those who are praying earnestly for the world to be saved?  Does it mean that destruction of nations, the world, etc. is in the hands of people who can just pray and save the world.  Is there something that is missing in people, like a link, somewhere between God and them?

I would be grateful to hear from someone who has predicted a world end date that didn’t come to pass or who knows someone close who did.  How do you move on from such a lie or mis-predict.  What comes to mind is are the people predicting world end date of God or the devil.  Bearing in mind the story of Jonah, it remains rather confusing.


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