Shandy Hall

Shandy Hall, the home of Laurance Tristen, a 1760’s Writer who lived there for 8 years, writing the famous, his best seller, story of Tristram Shandy.
Today, September 2016, the home is still intact,  filled with the historical memorabilia of Stern during his residence in the 1760’s.

The house is known to have existed way before Stern when it was known as the “Personage”.

Shandy Hall, North Yorkshire

Photographer: Author Tori V 28/11/16

The gardens are well maintained and its presence still attract visitors who come to see the fortune of Laurence’s work and a wealthy historical information that surrounds it. The garden still looks great and still holds the features of a secret garden with its wild looks, though small, has wild fruit trees, rooks nest in the sycamores and ancient trees.
The house has since changed over the years the 17th century,from the original settings, with Lawrence doing a lot of slterations himself. He also changed the layout of the house to what it is to date.

Lawrence Stern’s memorabilia illustrations that has inspired artists over the years to date include engravings, paintings, pottery and many other articles that express Lawrence’s works.

This hostorical home is also home to Curator Patrick Wildgust who devotes his time to maintaining it and ensuring the artwork, collectibles and Stern’s historical items remain presentable to visitors. Patrick also holds exhibitions, educational visits which he teaches with great passion, and events in the house and gardens. This has enabled him to maintain the house and gardens as well to a presentable state. 
Stern died on 18th March 1768, in London after suffering from tubercular harmorrhages for a long time in his life.


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