The Reasons Obama is digging into Russia’s Involvement with 2016 Elections

dThe Inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump is just around the corner and investigation into Russia’s involvement, through cyber means, into the 2016 Presidential Elections continues but, without tangible evidence.  It is unknown, if any evidence surfaces, this will affect Mr Trump’s future Presidency in any way. However, President Obama, in his speech  has assured the public that the investigation is for the purpose of ensuring that everyone understands what really happened and to stop it from happening again. This does not sound like any valuable findings would therefore have any effect, whatsoever, on Mr Trump. We just wait and see where this is heading.

President Elect Donald Trump was elected by majority though he made it quite clear about his intentions and how he would rule and reign.  Mr Trump has been crystal clear from the very start, displaying well his behaviour and unlikely presidential personality throughout his campaigns. In an article for cdPsychological Analysis,  by Hannah Hoppe and Aubrey Immelmann, revealed;

“Trump’s predominant personality pattern is Ambitious/self-serving (a measure of narcissism) with secondary features of the Dominant/controlling and Outgoing/gregarious patterns. In summary, Trump’s personality composite can be characterized as a high-dominance charismatic.”

The Republicans believe they have finally found a best leader to  solve the nation’s problems and Make America Great Again.  Time will tell.


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