Predicted failed end of the World dates, could they have been true at some point?

From: BCN (Bold Christian News) desk
Written by: The Evangelist

Hello Readers.  Lets review all those end time dates that have failed, and the people all over the World who predict these dates now and again. Have you ever wondered why they are not ashamed and keep giving more failing dates one after the other?
Well this is why.  Listen closely and with understanding.
What is interesting about World end dates  that have failed in the past is they could have been true at some point, considering the Biblical story of Jonah[1].
Jonah was sent to Nineveh to proclaim Its destruction, but because the people of Nineveh prayed and God reversed destruction.  Well, would we say then that Jonah lied or he is a false prophet? Of course not.  So, God can save a Nation on his terms, regardless having sent a prophet to prophecy about destruction and with exact dates and times of the destruction, if people can pray.  Sadly today, people get distracted by entertainment, social networks and personal hectic day to day wrapped around errands and chores that they would not have time to pray, want to pray or stop for a while to think of it.  I would say the people of Nineveh though they loved enjoying themselves and things got out of hand, they were clever than this modern generation because they stopped everything and prayed and fasted. The Bible says even their animals fasted.
The reason why World-end prophesied dates are now a “cry wolf” thing is because there are still a few saints who are praying in their closets and God hears them and keeps reversing full destruction of earth or individual nations.  So, it would only be justified that there will come a time when the Saints are no more and no-one will be interceding on behalf of the nations.  That time can only be after a rapture, when all Saints are gone and those left behind are not saint enough to intercede.  However, this day will surely come. I can’t imagine a world where there are no Saints to pray.  The picture is clear it will be the most trying times since the creation of the Universe and human kind.
Overall, it can only be that the dates of destruction being prophesied by some of these people or watchers are true only that the saints are busy on their knees and so most of these watchers are seen as liars or false prophets if it doesn’t come to pass.  However, God will keep giving them dates of end of the World and they will keep announcing in fear of not honouring Him.  But, as long as the Saints are still on earth and interceding on behalf, crying to God, He will hear them and reverse situations.  The Bible says that in the end times, people will see visions, prophesy and dream dreams[2], so they are just doing that.
About the saints who are interceding, they may not be what many would expect or have in mind, like Mega Church Preachers, well-known preachers, or celebrity preachers of today, but maybe mere people who might not even have any portfolios to their names in this World, who do not walk around in flashing jewellery or live in mansions.  These people have a relationship with God and talk to God earnestly behind closed doors.  They pray fervently in their closets for nations and God answers by not destroying nations entirely. These people of God don’t want to be seen or given credit, or seek publicity.  They just communicate with God in secret, interceding on behalf of nations. Yes, they are people like that.
But, one day these people will be gone and all walls protecting the walls of the world will be no more. They will collapse and earth will be at risk of a final destruction that cannot be revoked because there won’t be anyone worthy interceding on behalf of nations, not celebrity pastors, not mega pastors or famous preachers we see today who go around preaching prosperity instead of how people can be saved.
The devil knows that time will come, and so is busy at work recruiting as many as he can, and that guy does his level best, working on it 24 hours a day.
So what’s the point? Take every end date like it is very true and make it right with God because it might just be the date that God decides to take his interceding saints and end it all.  Take each date as a warning to make it right with God.




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