The Transformation: All For Love

While some may not recognise the individual in this picture, it is Janet Jackson, Singer and sister to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.  This is the transformation caused by love.  So what could possibly split the couple, if all was bearable.  One thing we all know or could bet on is that Janet loves this man and she was willing to adjust certain normal ways to meet him, maybe halfway, though it doesn’t seem like he put same effort to meet her halfway too.

According to a Source Janet Jackson and her husband, Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana have splited.  The couple got married in 2012. Sadly this is the time they should have been celebrating and bonding with their new baby. The rare reason for separation raises a lot of argument as it has everything to do with Modern Day Slavery, rather than love itself.

I do sympathise with Janet, but one would think she must have known how deeply rooted in culture her husband was, before the marriage and the baby. She must have completely believed that when one is a celebrity they might just be immune to slavery and racism scorn?. To think they waited until a baby came along is unthinkable. Or, did it came out black?. The are questions that come to mind after reading their story.

There’s no separation or divorce that that doesnt pain especially if love has little to do with it.  However in their case it would only be recommended and best solution for both of them.  Rumour has it some Arab or maybe a lot in that Culture don’t do dipers or help the women, as chores still has a lot to do with gender. There’s still that mentality of ‘a woman’s job’.  It makes one wonder what else else’s still considered to be a female chore.

It could be a good thing its over, who wants to be enslaved again? and for the rest of their lives? After all, her husband made it clear that she and her baby would

“.. always be seen as slaves in this country”.

What a shame of a country. Who knows? sooner or later she might have been forced to straighten out his shirts? and after that clean his shoes? and still on that, not forget to make his breakfast?. Coming out of this marriage might have been the best move for Janet.

That culture must have fallen into a comma back in the slavery times and just waking up. Slavery ended a long time ago.  Janet is so brave to have stayed for such a long time all wrapped up everyday in those clothes like a living mummy, from head to toe! For someone not of that Culture, it must have been very daring and uncomfortable considering weather and restricted movement. Its something that would take probably years to get used to.

Sometimes love really makes people do some unimaginable crazy things.  While it’s a sad solution, it maybe for their better. Their story must bring light to anyone considering marrying into a deeply rooted cultured people.

While it is very stressful having a new baby, what could add more misery than a separation at a time when you need help to cope with postnatal depressions.

However, there could even be more to it relating to culture, like not being allowed to get back to her singing career and look after the baby like females should (not hiring another to it) or even some cultural stuff being applied to their baby, or even being told how to behave and how she should raise her baby.  Anything could be possible at this time.

Its a weird World, unfortunately we all live in it.


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