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Book-Themed Gifts

Having a good or favorite books becomes more entertaining when it comes with themed gifts and accessories. Print books and E-book gifts are not only what modern book readers would love as gifts, but also literary gifts in the form of their favorite books or other to-read lists.  These are jewelry accessories, fashionable clothing, and house furnishing items.  It could be a wall hanger, a necklace, a t-shirt, a duvet cover, table coaster, the list is endless.  There is just more to literary gifts than was never before and readers have a variety of items to suit, from Gothic books, romance novels, sci-fi novels and many others.

Among those, I have come across a romance novels that now has beautiful literary gifts and accessories for adults and these range from flip-flops to romantic Teddy bears.

Authors embrace it as a brilliant way of interacting with their book fans,  reviewers, supporters and customers, and also for marketing purposes.  There is now more to connect readers with their favorite book.

Children collect film, book or game characters a lot, probably more than adults.  The literary themed products also include gifts and accessories for children, designed with the new generation kid in mind.  They also consider fashion and jewelry accessories like hair clips, socks, bracelets, duvet covers, cushions etc, the list goes on.  Not only will kids remember these amazing fantasy stories but will also have the memorabilia keepsakes that express their love for books.  Children’s book-themed gifts would make great birthday, Christmas or anytime gifts that will last.

Bethany’s Wings, is a very interesting  Children’s Fantasy Book.  It is an entertainment book for not only kids but the whole family. This is one great book that is also very educational.  The book has also joined the literary themed accessories world and now comes with pretty good things!, book-themed gifts and accessories.

Book-themed Memorabilia, Gifts and Accessories – Great Idea for Book Marketing?



“Deeply Rooted” novel themed flip-flops

I have come across beautiful book themed products and it appears to be a brilliant way to self-promoting, for Self Published Authors.

Book themed memorabilia, gifts and accessories are a great idea for Authors as a way of promoting or marketing books.  The themed products range from  items such as clothing, linen, up to jewellery such as earrings, key holders, the list goes on.  These can be sold or given for free to reviewers, competition winners and buyers.

This can be an effective way of shouting out the book as products exchange hands and get to be seen by many, even those not looking for the book might just be triggered to do so.  It’s as good as word of mouth or maybe more, only that the product will be shouting more louder by itself if worn or displayed in the room, in the car and social areas.  Most of the product are also left lying around everyday, for example cushions, keys, jewellery, stationery etc.

Themes can be images inside books, the main book cover or memorable short quotes and statements.  Book excerpts may also be printed on clothing and accessories just as well.

bvBenefits such as connecting with book fans and getting the word out accompany this marketing style .  Book fans and buyers are happy to walk away with themed products and freebies of this nature.  Customers also help Author, indirectly, to spread the word. While books can be shelved or tucked away somewhere out of sight, clothing and accessories may go a long way and so does the book advertising.