Mushroom In The Sky – Narrative BEAT Poetry

Beat Poetry (Political poem) – Mushroom In The Sky.  Please let me know what you think about this Beat Poem inspired by Allan Ginsberg.  Thank you for watching please share like and comment.





It lingers everywhere,
Its place is in darkness even a tiny drop of darkness.
It has become the life’s special norm,
Like a dessert, always after the main course.
At a funeral, in prison, in marriage,
At work, in school, in war, everywhere.
Every failure embraces it, harnesses it,
And drags one along the future road in fear.

I shouldn’t have, I should have,
Its favourite phrase is delivered,
Wrapped in torment,
That weakens one beyond or strengthens within,
Every victim must rise again either way,
But with wisdom, hope, and an awareness,
To face Regret’s next cycle,this time equipped,
With courage and wisdom
For it tutors as well.

Regret takes a nap, relaxing, watching decisions in progress,
On standby, alert, observing from a distant,
Ready to serve its opening phrase,
To its unaware or aware guests.

I shouldn’t have.
I should have.




The Little Lady

Early this morning, a Little Lady visited by my window to show off her pretty coat  and seek help to find her way back to the tree across the road. I helped her get back to the tree and she left me with a poem below this short video. The pretty colours of her coat, the reason why man themed fashion after her.

The Little Beetle

The white wall spread,
Like a white sky on the ground,
No beginning and no ending.
The little beetle wondered on it, lost.

The coloured little shell,
A dazzling in the light,
A reflection on the white wall.
A natural beauty from up above,
Such pleasing to the eye.

Moving about in all directions,
Confused, lost, scared,
No other beetles in sight,
No trees, no honey dewed flowers,
Only a deserted white plain.
A tiny heart gripped with fear,
Lost in an alien place.

Suddenly, a piercing sound,
Made its way, into the tiny ears.
Flashes of light everywhere,
A voice in amazement follows,
“What a pretty little thing!”
A Click, another click, more clicks!
Its beauty is captured.

One can’t help but stare amazed,
The carefully painted pretty colours,
Engraved on a tiny insect,
Painted with such care and detailed,
To please the eyes that see it.

Moving about in all directions,
Trying to find its way home,
Tiny legs moving in style,
Carrying that seemingly weightless pretty shell coat.
But, the wall seem to spread endlessly.
Then, tender loving hands reached out,
Grabbed gently the little Lady Bird and freed it.
It flew away. 


little-lady-bird-picLady Birds are beautiful little insects painted in style by their creator.  They wear shiny spotted wing covers in lovely colours, yellow, orange, or red with small black spots. They come from a family of tiny beetles called Coccinellidae (Ref).   Many have appreciated their pretty perfect shiny coats and themed clothing after it such as  Lady Bird Trending Fashion, globally, for both adults and kids.

Poetry: “Only Me knows”


Ever since,
Days have passed,
Months have followed,
Into years they weaved,
And into many more.

My day, wrapped up in business,
A much needed destruction,
I wear a smile everyday,
I see beauty all around me and appreciate,
Every day seems normal,
I do my best to get lost in it to cope.

Time ticks, day breaks.
In the quietest moment, truth lingers,
Love speaks to me, uninterrupted,
Reminding me, of its residency in my heart.
My love for you, I don’t hide from self,
I let it be, its part of me.


In mine dreams, oh! my dreams!,
In vain, stretches my arm,
To reach you, in vain.
I keep stretching though you don’t see.
Same dream when midnight falls.
Morning then breaks, evidencing a trail of dried tears
Another new day is hatched
I get lost in it to cope.

The day ends the same,
Me loving you still, the same and more,
Only me knows,
If only you knew.


New Year Resolutions: Long Lists, Short Lists

music-is-good-for-the-soulshop-hereLong lists, short lists, surprising lists, funny lists,
Resolutions in the air, the pencil knows it all.
The spirit of change and improvement lingers,
All are talking about it;
It’s a New Year.

Encouragements flow like rivers,
From one to another,
Dreams flooding every mind, spilling and overflowing.
Love, togetherness becomes contagious,
Silence,  last minute countdown bursts!
Happy New Year.

Lists of yester year lie somewhere unnoticed
Dust has gathered.
A few ticked results!
Blame it on busy schedule, errands.

Elsewhere, on yester year wall, lists taken down
Lots of ticks in sight, a smiley tops it up
A pat on own shoulder
How do they do it!

Not to worry, this year’s mine.
Same words of yester year,
That led to a few ticks, no ticks.
But, New Year new beginnings right?

Long lists, short lists, surprising lists, funny lists,
Same as yester year, a bit different, completely different.
Lets try again, while the zeal is on n’ all talking.
We might all pat our own shoulders,
This time Next year.
It’s possible, it can be achieved.