Tears Of A Nation – Formative Poetry – 40 Lines #Political Poetry

If you love poetry, books, politics, or are a student writing essays, you will love this interesting formative poetry (2016) .  You may want to leave your critique review, comment, even a percentage, your thoughts, star rate it – or all. The poem was inspired by Poet William Blake.



Piercing shouts, painful grief, swearing’s heard.

Teargas fumes, smoke rising, unrest everywhere.

They run, choke, scream, but not dispersing!

Human chains spreads across the roads,

They’ve made a vow to die than leave.


As bulls let out they charge fiercely,

As thunder on ground marching resounds.

They have taken to the street in vain,

Fallen bins, scattered litter, broken glass,

Main Streets and pavements take in the wrath.


Opposition has taken residents the streets;

Protesting, marching, spitting aggressively!

Banners are being waved demanding re-election.

Winners watch without concern,

Waiting to take over and rule.


Winners in triumphant shouting with joy.

Freely they lay bare their long dreamed intentions;

Raise a wall! barricade them, chase the alien!

Wash them away, as tsunami does, cleanse Cities!

Let the city be great, a great renewal.


Protesters fume, they’ve been made angry,

They wave in anger, clubs, sticks, stones, bottles.

Violence screams on top of her voice to be heard,

One’s good choice became another’s nightmare.

An unwanted party has taken residence.


Lights, lights, colourful lights flashing everywhere,

The flashing coloured lights, the law at work,

The flashing gadgets taking selfies, everyone wants evidence.

The tower light bowing over flickers its light,

Its broken glass lie on the ground below.


An aftermath is eagerly awaiting recognition.

Sky-scrapers stand tall, watching from above,

A Sea of broken glass lying below them.

Pavements and walls decorated in red,

Blood drops of those hurt protesting.


Unity, peace, now a ‘once-upon-a-time’ story,

Showing only on the raised banners,

Eyes pretending not to see their large inscription.

Protesters becoming more persistent,

They cry out loud in vain.


Boom, boom, ouch! it gets physical!

Punches flying, neighbour turned against neighbour

A divided nation wailing in rage.

Decisions and choices are progressing still.

Votes resting in the people’s hands.


The Law had landed to enforce order, saving the day.

Protesters taking off in all directions,

As cockroaches sprayed with a toxic.

People falling, stampeding, trampling,

Over that which can’t be changed.


A riot storm ceasing, finally calming.

Losers coming to terms with defeat,

Tears are taking long to dry or never,

Almost zombies they walk away,

Heavily burdened with defeat and failure.


The long awaited day has come.

Unwanted Power hungry ones take their oath.

Sleeves rolled up, ready to serve, wanted or not.

A Nation is halved, sending out fury waves of anger.

But the Nation’s eyes have become a flooded river.







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