Am I a Real Church Pastor or Pastor of Doom “in the make”?


A Shepherd leads his flock to safety and care for each one of them. Where are you leading People?

You probably have asked yourself this question. Am I a Real Church Pastor or Pastor of Doom “in the make”? What goes on in a Pastor’s, Evangelist’s, or Priest’s head? or anyone who shepherds people to God or intend to do so?

We are living in the end times. So if you are a Pastor or want to become one, here are a few questions you can try to see if you are able to answer them honestly. There are in particular order. You will have your yes’s and no’s, but this will difinitely stir you up. Just be honest so that you find yourself. In the end you may decide if you are wrong or right or if you need to adjust somewhere.

Whats in it for me?
Why am I doing it?
Do I hear from God?
What is the Church?
How much time do I spend with God alone?
What do I preach about?
Do I preach to an audience or congregation?
What are the consequences?
Does my household know God?
Where am I leading the people?
Do I know and understand the Word and its Interpretation?
Do I ask God to make it clear before i tell it to people?
Do I have a mentor or was I mentored?
Do I have love?
How do I relate to people?
Would I do this for no income at all?
Do I control people?
Am I different from other people?
Do I need leadership skills?
Do I need education to do this?
Do I descriminate against non-believers?
Was it my idea for me to preach or someone else’s
Am I happy to do it?
Am I doing despeakable things behind closed doors?
Is it a coincidence that I came across this blog?
Lastly, am I a celebrity?

Judas did not know that he would betray Jesus, just like some Preachers do not know that they maybe Pastors of Doom “in the make” or are heading the wrong direction.

What did you feel when you read this blog: intimidated?, scared? doubt? encouraged? an opportunity to make things right? determined, dissapointed, disheartened? annoyed, embarrassed, safe to practice?, done? the need to repent? need renewing? etc.


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