Go Soldier

Soldier leaving for War

Go soldier

Go Soldier
The bravest of all, willing to protect
With a brave heart, you carry the burden
So go soldier

Leaving with a smile and a tear on your face
Yet willing and ready to protect at all cost
Not knowing if this is your last good-bye
But leaving with hope and faith
Still with a smile on your face, you take off
So go soldier

Making a sacrifice
Leaving behind the people you love
Your family, your unborn baby, your friends, your relatives
Choosing to fight for your country
How brave can one be
So go soldier

Not knowing whether you will catch the plane back home
All geared up, you wave goodbye
Still with a smile and bravery on your face
The day has come
Yet you are eager to go and fight
To save and protect
So Go soldier

A true hero with a heart to protect
Who faces the battle field
With only one aim
To fight until every enemy is down
Until we are all safe
So go soldier

Born to be a soldier
Once a baby, playing with toys
Little did anybody know
That within your tiny heart
Lies a growing soldier
A man with a mission
So go Soldier


12 thoughts on “Go Soldier

  1. ares is not to reason but to do or die
    we are here to serve and not to question why
    we stand tall and guard with a watchfull eye each day
    and defend our country with great loyalty each day
    and when the order is changed we stand tall and proud
    and make our queen and country proud
    we do not hesitate or reason why
    when the ball is in our court it is a matter of do or die.

    you wrote a great poem and i respect you for it indeed
    as a ex british servicemen i once was pround indeed
    we may be few but we are well trained
    and nothing is to much to ask
    when the order come ours way.

    we must never forget those great people over the years
    who have served and not returned to there families left in tears
    but those men gave there lifes to keep us free
    with utmost respect we must honour thee.

    from kevin ex RAF


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