Tears of a Killer’s Mother


Silently I cry my child.

I, your mother, was there when they put you to sleep,
There was cheering from the crowd, I still hear the echoes,
My heart broke to pieces, and no-one cared,
Good bye my child, the graves love everyone, bad or good,
Justice has been done to the 33 you killed and their families.
Your death is my loss, only mine.

I remember when you were born; 35 years ago;
I cried tears of joy when you came into the world,
Your tiny body was the best thing I had ever seen in my life,
You brought so much joy in the family,
I couldn’t wait to take you home with me,
Little did I know ……..

You wrapped your full little palm around my little finger,
In your peaceful sleep you smiled and I wondered,
I stood there watching you sleep, with my heart full of joy,
What else could I have asked for in this world?,
You were the perfect gift,
Little did I know ……..

I watched as you grow, playing with your toys,
And I thought one day you would be doctor, a lawyer,
a mechanic, even a president
Little did I know…….

I stayed awake all night, when you were not well, watching over you,
When the stresses of life overcame me and I couldn’t go on,
I would just think of you and you were every reason for me to go on
But still little did I know……

I told you bedtime stories,
You wanted the same story a hundred times,
And I happily repeated it whole heartedly,
Your happiness, was mine too,
But little did I know…..

I cried when I dropped you off on your first day at school,
I didn’t want to let go,
But you were always very strong and confident for a little boy,
Little did…….

My only child, I gave you everything,
I sacrificed everything,
Little did I know,
That somewhere in your little heart was something dreadful growing,
I could have plucked it out, had I known.

Today everywhere I go people stare and pass evil comments,
They say I brought evil into the world and I deserve to die as well,
Yes only death will take away the pain in my heart,
They have ended your life;
Part of me has died too,
You are still my son and I love you, but not the person you became,
Do rest in peace.

Featured in the Poetry Collection Book: Poetry: The Wonder Collection https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017DUA7NE/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdo_fBhtxb6BH3C1G via @AmazonUK



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