Whether you buy it or not

The Book every person should have in the house, the Book of Life, Life Manual

Read the Bible, memorize and keep reading, and keep on reading.

I believe that Whatever the situation, whether we like or not, believe it or not, whatever religion, whether you love him or not, ignore him or not, resist him or not, aware of his existence or not, Jesus is coming back and nothing but nothing will change or stop his coming. While we are busy with our daily errands, without a care in the world and not expecting Him, He is going to turn up. But don’t let anyone lie to you and say oh, there he is, and don’t accept anyone who claims to be Him by coming out of space in a spaceship or whatever eye-catching transport mode. The Bible say he will come the same way he went through the clouds.

In fact, when He comes nobody will need to inform anybody because each individual will know its him and see him with their own eyes. The Bible say every knee shall bow (Isiah 45 vs 23), so those who keep animals you will see them kneeling with you as well, what about ants, birds etc, every creature that has knees will bow, can you imagine how awesome it is going to be?.

There is still time to turn to the Lord. Everyday second in your life is an opportunity to repent, as long as you are still breathing, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Thank you for reading and may the Lord bless you.


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