What Mr £ Pound had to say..

The Pound Family

I Mr Pound

They say money speaks, so listen,
As me, Mr Pound speak nothing but the truth,

We are the most adored species on earth,
Humans love us with a passion,
We ourselves don’t speak, but they say we do,
Mention us to anyone and they will have all the time for you,
No matter how uneducated, young or old one is, if he has us, he is the boss,
They fight over us until only one is left standing,
They kill and murder for us, even their loved ones.

They pass us from one hand to another, nearly every second,
carefully, not to loose any of us,
They usually lock us up somewhere safe in most instances secure us with a bolt,
They even dig holes in the earth and bury us to keep us safe.
They keep us safer than even their children!

Where we are given birth, a secured reserve bank,
There is maximum security,
The guards are armed and prepared to shoot,
They search each other on their way in and out,
They work overnight ensuring we are perfectly moulded,
In gold and silver.

They carry us around everywhere,
We have been to secret meetings, cults, prisons, palaces, the moon, even underwater,
We have been to pubs, parties, offices, toilets, murder scenes, police stations, cars, wardrobes,
You name it, we have been there,
We have seen it all, we have heard it all,
We harbour wealthy, vital, missing links and crucial information that solves puzzles,
If only we could talk, the whole world would be upside down.

They choose us over their loved ones,
So many mouths are silenced by us,
Anyone can do anything if promised even very little of us in return,
They have sleepless nights thinking of us,
They think of us more than they think of their loved ones,
They fight over who will have us after divorce,
They betray each other just to have us,
No-one never gets enough of us.

We are the Money family,
I am Fifty Pound,
Meet my wife Twenty Pound, my son Ten Pound, my daughter Five Pound,
My grandchildren One Pound, Fifty Pence, Twenty Pence, Ten Pence, Five Pence, Two Pence and Penny,
Penny is so small but they say she counts too,
We are British and we rule and reign globally,
Together with our relatives spread globally,
They call them Foreign Currency.


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