Mr Punishment

There is a man I don’t know whether to love or hate.

He never turns up uninvited
But once he does
No-one tells him to leave
Not unless he accomplishes his purpose

Some call him Mr Punishment
Some call him Mr Consequence
Others call him Mr Panel-Beater
Because once he is done with you
You feel straightened out and fixed
Like a dent in a car

He doesn’t turn up when you have just served your meal
No, I guess he likes his portion served cold

By the time he turns up,
Some would have already forgotten
That some time back, they sent an invitation
And it has come to pass
Some never remember at all
So they turn to ask “why me”

When he goes
He leaves you with bruises here and there
Hoping you will remember
And stop inviting him
But still you won’t
Sooner or later, unknowingly, unaware
The invitation is sent again
And on goes the cycle again

God loves us, cares for us, forgives our sins – but does sin and evil go unpunished? Welcome your guest and learn what he teaches you so that he doesn’t make it a habit of turning up in your life. There is nothing that goes on on earth that God does not see or is not aware of. As for Mr Punishment, one day you might find a name for him as well.


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