The Twelve Disciples – Doubt After His death

Here is my personal review of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus after his Death:

Greater faith had the twelve disciples, though they had their strengths and weaknesses too, just like you and me. These were extraordinary men of all times. We can all imagine; we all have neighbours who we grew up with, went to school with, and had a rough childhood with some of them as peer pressures etc. We all have seen our neighbours who we have known all our lives and witnessed them raise their children.

Now, here was Jesus, the baby who some witnessed being born and gave gifts to, the boy they played with at school whose father was a carpenter who made their coffee table that is still in their grandma’s lounge, claims to be the Son of God!. The man whose mother was probably their mum’s best friend and whose brothers gave them a hard time in school! How could this be the Messiah foretold of long long ago?!

The boy grew up their church! – Suddenly he is the Son of God, some probably even told Mary that her son needed ptofessional help.

The disciples believed and received Him as the Son of God regardless of all the chaos that rose from his status and his background. They followed Him and learnt from Him and later preached the Word to the World!. If they had gone along with everyone else (especially after witnessing His gruesome death) and denied that He was the Messiah sent to save the world because he could not save himself from all the tribulation He went through, these twelve would not have gone to Galilee to witness the resurrected Jesus Christ or written the Word of God.

Now here is the most faithful part of the disciples. There was the man they believed in, the man they had followed, the man who had done endless miracles and wonders, the man who had remained standing and preaching the Word even when the authorities were against it, the man whom they believed was the Son of God, being flogged, beaten, abused, spat on, forced to carry his cross and humiliated in front of everyone!. Surely they must have thought, “anytime from now he will do a miraculous thing, free himself and shame all these people”. But no, not even once, right until they nailed him to the cross and then he died, without fighting back in any way.

I can imagine the feeling after witnessing His death on the cross and the horrific torture without retaliation; all their hope being lost, their faith in Him slipping away, their thinking that probably if He was really the Son of God, he could have done some big time destruction of his enemies in a very nasty and never-seen-before manner and made everyone believe that he was really the Son of God – thus making it easier for the Authorities to save his life!. But there was Jesus, not saving himself right from the beginning until the end at the cross!, no sign of miracles, no wonders, nothing. He died and they walked away, so as everyone! Some rejoicing, a few weeping.

Poor disciples! What was their conversation on the way back. Doubting (Mark 16:14) that He would even resurrect? Wondering what to do next?, how to pick up the pieces and return to their day jobs? What will they tell their families when they ask? Get as far away from the crowd who knew them as possible? They probably asked one another, “how could he do this to us and make fools out of us and embarrass us like this?” Yes, like Jesus Himself told them in Mathews 26:31 “…I will strike the Shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered” but little did the disciples know that their faith would be so tried and tested, nor remember his teachings and prophecies about this very day, this occasion, way before then. I wonder what could have happened if Jesus had not gotten ahead of them into Galilee after his resurrection (Mathew 26 vs. 32). I believe they could have each buried this day and moved on with their lives away from everyone who knew them and mockers , unable to trust again. I believe he went AHEAD to catch them before they fell, so to shield their way. They went away mourning and weeping (Mark 16:10). Even when Mary told them on the third day that She had seen Jesus, He had risen, they did not believe her (mark 16 vs. 11). Could they not even remember the third day?

So what happened then? What changed their minds later on? what brought these men’s hopes back, that gave them strength to go ahead and preach the Gospel no matter what, even though they would face persecution, flogging, mocking and execution for it!? What erased their doubt, their fear and gave them an edge to preach for the rest of their lives under any circumstance, any condition and without fail? They were afraid before, that even Peter denied Jesus (Mark 14:66-72) but now they were not, they were actually very prepared to put their lives at risk for the sake of one Man, Jesus Christ unlike before, why? What changed everything?


If you ever doubt that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again on the third day, learn from His Disciples in the New Testament. Learn from the men who saw it all and walked with Him right from the beginning to the end, as they tell what they witnessed, each in his own words . Give your life to Jesus Today before it’s too late.


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