A Vacant To Fill

There is a vacant space
that no man can fill.

He has everything;
A house, wealth, wife, friends and relative
But still there is emptiness inside him.

He laughs, smiles and enjoys
But now and again
The empty space reminds him
Of its emptiness.
Only him knows,
That something is missing
Though he can’t put a finger on it.

He tries smoking, drinking, and sports
But the vacant remains
He tells the doctor, “something is wrong with me”
But the doc can’t find it, he’s perfectly healthy
He feels that all he has is in vain
If it can’t take away the emptiness
And wonders, “where is it coming from?”

He reads a book, the newspaper, a magazine
And bedtime stories with his children
Then he notices a book on the shelve, “Holy Bible”
And wonders, “oh that book grandma gave me 8 years ago! is still here?”

He takes the Book and flips some pages
Keeps reading and he realises,
The vacant place that laid inside him for years
Is being filled by a book that’s been lying around him for years
Every time he reads……..

He says to himself
He’s amazed!, “is that all it takes!?”
“that’s why they call it the Word of God, I feel he is speaking to me!…”


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