A Waterfall of Agape Love

I had wondered in the dark, so lost
Broken and given up
Far Into the dark
A world too dark to see
Too dark to find my way back
To my Lord

Then in midst of it all,
I heard a sweet voice
Singing from the heart,
With love and great passion
The sweetest sound I’d ever had in my life pierced through my ears
Never have I heard such a voice
Full of compassion, love and humbleness.

I looked and saw a little boy
Singing before the lord,
With a sparkle of love in his eyes.
Singing with an angelic voice
His smile and passion, like a virus
His love for God, contagious
Flowing from within him like gushing waters
It poured over me, Like a shower from a waterfall

I felt touched by something unknown to me
Something gently pierced through my heart, tearing me apart,
I found myself down on my knees in worship
I felt found, and I realise I was so lost.

With a flood of tears , I prayed to God,
As Light came in, darkness fled.
I felt drowning in a river of love
The only time when its alright to drown!
A Love that cannot be described
But only felt, I felt complete!

So sing-on little one
The sweetest voice of all
And always remember
That somewhere in the world.
You were an instrument that God used,
To make a difference
To someone who was so lost in a world of sin.

I love you with all my heart
You are my little arrow of love
Shot from above by One who never misses
And you pierced through my heart.
So sing on little angel, you are on a mission.
Someone somewhere in the dark awaits you

Dedicated to Jose Antonio Viana de Hollanda


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