Jotta A – Teen Age

jotta AJotta A, Joseph Antonio Viana, (his family calls him Tony). Yes the little Brazilian boy who took the Gospel by storm when he sang his heart out at Brazil Talented Kids Show and transformed famous songs into new age Gospel sensation, is still in the scenes and is working on a new album which will be out this year.  If you love Jotta A, you will love his CD Essencia.

Most know or remember Jotta A as a little boy singing perfectly, “Halleluiah” version of WH Smith, “Still” by Hill Song and other big songs sung by big artists like Aline Barros “Sonda me”, hitting the high notes in perfect vocal chords with a difference, like never heard before, giving gospel music a new meaning . Now Jotta A, still driven by his Ministry and an idol for millions of both Christians and non Christians fans and supporters is all grown up, a 15 year old, with a new look, and is coming up with a new album, to be released this year.

Jotta A is a role model for both Christian and non Christian Youth of today. Apart from his commitment to his Ministry, Jotta is still a young teenager just like any other teenager but with a passion for Christ and is supported by his Christian family and Christian supporters all over the world. One of his role models is He is usually fully booked throughout the year, performing in churches and events around Brazil, reaching out through his Ministry.

Jotta A is compared to the likes of Michael Jackson and on meeting him, speaking to him and hearing him live myself, I thought this young, God Loving little man is non comparable to Michael Jackson at all. He is highly gifted, confident and talented in his own special way. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson myself back in the 80’s and I can admit that Jotta A is way ahead of Michael Jackson. They are both talented, but in their very special different ways in which I would say Jotta is on the lead.

I heard Jotta sing myself, live, with his original, non tuned or enhanced voice and the young man sings like an angel, with a naturally enhanced voice. Not only does he worship when he humbly sings, but the anointing that is on him just splashes everywhere in the room, overflows and connects with the audience, making everyone feel an extraordinary feeling of love for the Lord and making way to worship the Lord in the Spirit. Jotta bubbles with love and I believe that this is what makes him unique, compared to other Gospel singers. One has to witness it to believe it, so I did. Jotta connects spiritually with God before he connects with the audience, making the audience feel what he is feeling and sharing it too. This “love for God feeling” is just heavily contagious.

When Jotta is on the stage singing, he is out of this world and in a worshipping state but still connected to the audience and conveying the Word of God through singing. It’s not everyday that you hear songs that tear you apart and really make you see or know who you really are and where you are heading spiritually. Jotta’s singing does exactly that because he is not only singing, but ministering to the listener, in a very special way.

Now with a mature voice, Jotta is even more perfected and still has love and affection in his ministry. Of course, after puberty (which happens to all males), His vocals have changed but even more perfected. Some have criticised his vocals after puberty, but voice breaking is common and by nature. Jotta’s Ministry is a singing. He was born to sing and is still doing just that perfectly and conveying the messages of his ministry. He recorded his first CD when he was six years old and is still heading on and improving each and every moment.

If you are a fan or want to experience this phenomenon sensation, listen to all his music and look out for the coming album in November 2013.


“Waterfall of Agape Love” a new book – A Jotta A Testimony is now available on Kindle Version at Amazon

Jotta A Website
Jotta A’s Official Twitter
Jotta A Face book
Jotta A News Update
Jotta A UK Fanclub on Twitter


132 thoughts on “Jotta A – Teen Age

  1. I was so moved when I first heard the young man’s song.He is not just like every other gospel singer I have heard or known.There is something about him that makes you think about Jesus as you are lifted off to the heavenkies.
    He really worships and he truly leads his listeners to worship.I hope and I’m already dreaming of working among our youths to nurture such talents from among the myriads of our singing youths who are easily lured into the world of recklessness and begin to dishonour God.

    My prayer is that he remains in Christ till the end.

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    • Hi, I do agree with you. May God bless you and lead you to your great call. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks for encouraging and praying for Jotta. Jotta remains in the Lord to date, despite all the “growing pains”. He is grown and is even more mature in the Lord and working to please Him.


  2. How can I get Jotta A come to Kenya – Africa for an event?
    He’s such a blessing and would like to share him with my folks. I’ve noticed from the posts that he’s mainly toured Brazil….we need him around the globe…this is a true prophecy of the last days. God is using even the young. Kindly, I understand that his schedule is very tight but please get back to me I’ve really been looking for that servant of God. I pray that he’s still in the course, haven’t heard of him lately. I pray for him everyday for I know the devil is not happy.


  3. Tori V.
    I bought your book…. the waterfall of agape. Its amazing. It made me realize that Jotta`s humility has made him an unusual vessel in God`s hands. I know he will make it till the end. Several of us have adopted him spiritually. I am one of them. I have decided to pray for him, along with my 2 kids. I am a praise and worship leader and have been for over 20 years. Yet, this young man`s life is inspiring me and I am learning a lot from him. He really is an angel.

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    • Thank you very much for relating and all the support, and also for prayers for Jotta. I am so grateful that you purchased a copy. If you may please leave feedback here you purchased it from. Many thanks and God bless you.


      • I have just left a review on Amazon, where I got it. I love your story because I can relate to it. I wish I had met you before I left the U.K. I was born in the U.K and raised in Africa( the opposite of your background). I went back to the U.K 20 years ago and relocated to the States where I now live. I really really love your testimony and wish I could meet you….. Maybe if you come to the States maybe on holidays etc….. God bless you


  4. Yes it is. A thought just occurred to me. I am currently in the State that’s referred to as America’s Birthplace of Music. It’s also called the State of the blues ( cos of blues music). Apart from being a Pastors wife , I also belong to an Intercessory group. We have been praying for the State. And one of our prayers is that God will change some things in our State, to bring about his glory. We have been praying for true praise and worship unto God…..
    I strongly believe that Jotta ministering in my State will release a new voice in the spirit realm … in this State. More so in my church we are grooming the children to be our spiritual leaders. To have you give your testimony verbally while Jotta ministers in song would just be explosive for my State. Well, there you go. Please pardon me for being such a dreamer…


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  6. I love jotta…as in alot…I remember watching him for the fst tym perfirming we are the world n I wen crazy abt him.i loved his songs though I never understood wat he ment.but I knw each song of him in his language..I love u Tony

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  7. i love jotta A soooo much his songs inspired me soo much. Even though i dont know Portuguese i still listen to his songs in Portuguese … I cant start my day widout singing agnus dei that song made me cry and i pray that he keeps doing Gods work and everytime am going to sleep i pray for him ……. ohhh and my birthday or my day of birth is 8th October….

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  8. Joh! I love his songs everytime when i listen them i feel like something came down on me.He has a very ‘ BEAUTIFUL VOICE’ i really like his voice.When he sings he make me feel like i’m connect with GOD i forget about the person who are sitting next to me.’I REALLY HOPE I CAN MET HIM ONEDAY’…..Sometimes i wish i can sing…..but the word say it’s never to late

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