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14 thoughts on “Jotta A – You Tube video Messages

  1. Have a nice day friends all over the world …Jotta is much blessing to me. I am working here in Arab Countries… for two years now …very busy at all time..sometimes I forgot to pray, thirsty in the word of God ..I am a Christian. Foursquare Gospel.a born again … and a song leader in our Church in Phillippines, ,there was a time that I want to praise God in my room im only one at that time cause my mates are muslims and thinking praying singing praising the Lord… ..I choose Christian song Darlene christian singer.. accedentally I choose this agnus day I found Jottas video in Raul Gil program it really inspired me.At that time I cant stop crying and I dont know what happened to me I cant explain the spirit of the Lord moves in me . At that time ..I cant forget…Lord I thirst for you ..I want to worship and I want to worship you in Spirit and in truth…please filled me with your power..I pray.. I really refresh.. something my spirit renew..I really thank the Lord for he use the gift and talent of this boy Jose Antonio Viana Hollanda… as what I know his complte name… His voice brings comfort and joy to me the melody of his song.. changes every lives Thank you very much.. God bless us all.,


    • I know exactly what you mean when i first heard him sing is like my god i finally understand how holy you are. The holyspirit got a hold of me and great things started to happen in my spiritual life. Jotta if you are reading this remember what God call you for i heard part of your testimony when you said that medicine couldn’t do anything for you anymore and your mother went home expecting a miracle, you wer spared and filed with the holy spirit don’t ever forget that . May God keep you in the palm of his hand and no one may pluck you out

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      • Thanks for your message. God bless. I try and pass messages posted here to Jotta as often as I can and hopes he reads them though he has to translate first.


  2. I saw one of your concerts on youtube my heart got sad I saw a kid that use to worship God sing like if he didn’t know God sorry but it’s the truth. I understand that as humans we are tempted by its up to us to do what is right. I hope that was a one time thing. I saw worship God in a video on a later date I saw jotta praising The all mighty you wer boy giving a show I praise my God because he caught you before you forgot about him. Don’t ever forget you can talk to him he understands everything.

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    • Thank you for your message and your prayers. Prayers makes us all strong and rise again after any falls. Your support keeps Jotta strong. God Bless.


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