Jotta A – Growing strong in the Lord



Jotta has been growing so strong in the Lord, amid all the critics from people, tabloids and other sources.  Well, if the Lord is with him who can stop him from doing God’s work.  Still annointed and reaching out to the people, especially the youth, this young man is still in the Lord at a time like this when the world has gone upside down.  Many have compared him to the likes of Michael Jackson or Beyonce and others who started in the Lord and branched out to please the world.  Jotta is doing his best to stay in the line of his Call from the Lord.  Called when he was just a baby, after being born with a rare condition with no chances of surviving and if any chances of surving at all one would be unable to live a normal life due to mental dissability.  But at birth, Jotta’s miraculous healing and normality after the effect of this rare condition was puzzling and when he was 6 years old he started ministering the word of God and the rest became history.

Now in his teens and still worshipping the Lord, he has done it again, a new CD! “the Jesus Generation” which he has been working on for the past months.  Well done Jotta!.  Still carrying the same annointing and at higher level, Jotta Continues to minister the word of God in singing and on the pulpit. 

What amazes me is that even when he sings in Portuguese and one can hardly understand, the annointing still gives its way to the listener hence the edge to kneel down and pray and worship the Lord God almighty.  Jotta maybe young at age, but he is very mature in the things of the Lord.  He remains very humble amid the success of his music and many followers.  The producers have done their bit in trying to turn him into a celebrity of some sort, but Jotta is guided by the Holy Spirit and still maintains his humbleness and fear of the Lord.  Some have critiscised him in so many ways, but he is just a young boy in nature who has other interests.  The only difference is that he enquires from the Lord and when he is in the wrong (as we are all not perfect) he takes it to the Lord in Prayer and God has shown him favour. 

Prayers from supporters and family have strengthened Jotta and he thanks people who support him all the time and acknowledge their support.  He said they are very encouraging.  Jotta is always cheerful and always smiling, he always find time for his supporters and followers, who from the beginning have stood by him and continue to support his Ministry through social networks and other means. Jotta always attend session of autograph signing of CDs and takes time to have pictures taken with supporters.  Jotta has always sung and ministered at these sessions thus giving glory to God.  His music continues to bless people around the world and many testimonies are emerging on forums.

There is so much he could have done with this life as a teenager of today in this world controlled by fortune and fame, but Jotta chose to remain in the Lord and pursue his Ministry/Higher Calling as an Ambassador of the Lord, reaching out to those who are seeking and those who are lost and ministering the Word of God to them.

Oh one thing more, Jotta is adorable, he is a bundle of love, annointed, and it sheds off him like a virrus.  Like I always say, he bubbles with love and it overflows and splashes everywhere.  So if you ever get any apportunity to meet him life, get ready for an annointing that sheds off him.  I got a bit of it myself and life has never been the same.  You need that too.

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4 thoughts on “Jotta A – Growing strong in the Lord

  1. I love Jotta A so much. I’ve been following him since 2010. He’s such a blessing and I see how much people criticize him which i think is absolutely crazy. My friend in the US told me that Jotta once went to minister there but he got called a satanist by a bunch of people saying stuff like hes a magician and uses black magic. I was extremely shocked by that. Then I remembered Jesus. How he got persecuted and killed for doing absolutely nothing wrong to anybody. This world is just losing it everyday. I’m now 19 today, and I’m so into God. Jotta has inspired me so much and I believe in nothing else than using your talent to serve the Lord. I pray that one day I meet him and sing with him. That would be such a dream come true


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