Yes, bearing the name “Care” and yet could be the most uncaring Employer of the Year.

A poor woman worked for this agency on a live-in basis as a Carer, earning an hourly rate of £2.98 from 7am to 9pm and £2.98 (Sleep in) from 9pm to 7am., and she erned 3.39 for weekend rate.  She gets a 2 hour break the whole day. Now, having been dismissed with immediate effect, she sits at home, unable to afford a lawyer or travel to look for a job

How does an Employer get away with paying an employee £2.68 per hour  in the first place and getting away with it.  Here is a wage that is way below National  minimum Wage (NMW).  This wage can hardly sustain any working individual, let alone one who has a family and responsibilities.  A woman in her forties earned it for the past 4 weeks until yesterday 7/01/13 when she was dismissed with immediate effect for requesting a NMW.  Having taken the job out of desperation, as times are hard and working individuals who want to work for their living, are willing to take anything.  But, surely, does taking a job in the first place, out of desperation, take away one’s rights to apply for a minimum wage?,  which they are legally entitled to. I guess not or am I wrong.

An unnamed  Healthcare Services Agency, not named for legal purposes, dismissed an employee earlier this week from her live-in post with immediate effect for requesting a NMW.  Gone are the days that Carers are dismissed with immediate effect for misconduct, ie, abuse, negligence and failure to comply with the company policies and procedures of care.  The Care Agency in question attempted to be clever enough by ruling out the dismissal as being a reassignment.  “we are not dismissing you from work, we are just reassigning you to a post which does not require a dispute.  Just give us your availability!”, they said.  Would they not be knowing the availability already, automatically?  This would be leaving a post that is guaranteed an income, to a post that gives work on an “as and when required” basis, a zero contract.  Was that not a way to dismiss this employee from working for them permanently?   Isn’t this what is called an “Unfair Dismissal” even thought it was from the post and not the company itself?.

For anyone who sees clearly, would this not be the same as a silent dismissal?  If the employer can’t be bothered about an Employee requesting minimum wage, would not that employer just have “NO JOBS AT THE MOMENT”, on a zero contract in which they have moved this employee to with immediate effect?.

The poor woman knowing that at the end of the week there would be no money to pay rent anymore and no money to buy food, or to travel to look for a job, let alone the time it would take to start filling in the forms and enquiring about Job Seekers Allowance and how long it would take to start receiving the allowance from date of application, requested to at least complete the week.  The accountant demanded that to do so, the poor woman had to put it in writing that she would not dispute the rate of £2.68/hr.  How can an employer be so unprofessional, ignorant and greedy like that, let alone not having the knowledge to respond to a raise request.

In an email from the Accountant of this Healthcare Agency, he denied paying the £2.68 that is clearly evidenced in the payslips and their payment into the employee’s account.  What has the world of employers gone into? Certainly not into the new age, but way back in time where employees never used to have rights or would be afraid to demand the right wage.

Should Agencies like these be allowed to operate?  Shouldn’t the government enforce this agency to pay this employee every Friday until she gets a job or assignment with an income.

There are so many people living in Poverty and some Care Agencies or should I say Greedy Care Agencies are preying on these desperate people, taking advantage of them, by paying an hourly rate which is way below minimum wage.  Most of these people end up agreeing to that low wage because they cannot afford lawyers or a break in between the time the Government tries to solve their problem and them being unemployed and not earning money.




  1. I think that it is harsh for anyone having to accept minimum wage let alone £2.68 per hour. These greedy employers hide behind the name – Care. Clearly the government needs to change certain ‘standards’ instead of boring us with the same old & tired excuses, but workers have to stand up for themselves too. Change will occur when people are brave enough to challenge such insults.


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