Pastors Of LA

After watching “The Preachers of L.A” above, I just had something to say. These preachers are they really preachers or some famous hungry celebrity greedy people hiding behind the church and using it as a way to gain worldly treasures. I would like to here from anyone’s opinion. Here is mine:

Not all wealth comes from God. Bragging about riches is pride.

Building schools etc is building treasures on earth, that is the government’s work using our Tax. God said, “go ye into the world and preach the Gospel” and certainly not build schools etc, creating your own little kingdoms and then appointing yourselves kings. Many churches have now immersed themselves in building treasures on earth and thus put aside the God they are supposed to serving and giving glory, not buildings.

Jesus asked Peter three times that if you love me FEED MY SHEEP. He didn’t say build me a beautiful church, schools etc!

They are all new age Pied-Piper-Preachers of doom only that they don’t lead you to drown in water but to burn in a lake of fire. Don’t dance to their tune and follow them. They are baits on devil’s hooks. They have brainwashed even children. Some kids think being a Preacher is now a profession and that is what they want to be when they grow up because they want to be able to afford luxury life!

Anyone following them must get out of there immediately otherwise you risk being “left behind”, missing the first flight and the second one will not be guaranteed because you will have a lot to give, and you will also be damned angry on realizing that those pastors you trusted and followed with all your heart led you to the pit. So Christians you will have a lot to deal with if you don’t get out now. Do not be like Lot’s Wife, get out of there and keep going do not even turn back and the time is now.

Staying behind at home reading the Bible and praying with your family or alone on a Sunday instead of following these wealth and fame hungry individuals is worth much more than all of their wealth put together. We are in desperate times where every second counts in following Christ.

Don’t be enticed by the good looks, sweet singing voices with extraordinary touching melodies or vibrant exaggerated on-fire preachings, they are all tailor-made to recruit for the devil and put you in some sort of trance where you act like you are addicted to them. Not all wealth comes from the Lord and that is why the devil himself pays them dearly to do a perfect job. Time is running out so they are after you like an arrow released and heading for its target.

The devil asked Jesus to just bow down to him and all wealth would be his. Jesus turned them down but these preachers happily gave in. You see them by their fruits and what they do with their riches.

Many will be so shocked when they realize that all their lives they have been mislead. But how can you not be mislead when you don’t take time to read the bible and know what God says about these people and how they will entice all who love God into worshiping the devil without knowing.


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