The Annointing of Jotta A – Jose Antonio Vianna

TRANSLATED BY @Jottaa_ukfans (twitter) :  Its been great pleasure in following up the young man from Brazil who is taking the Gospel all over the World and remaining in Christ in the midst of all that the world displays to young man of today.  It’s Jotta A again, now 16 years old.  I thought I would look back and let the readers know where it all came from the how the Spirit of God works in people fulfilling prophecy.  Every Word that comes from heaven is a back up, until it succeeds what it is sent to do.  Prophecy will be fulfilled if people remain in the Lord.

Prophetic Word from Pastor Jose Satirio Dos Santos to Jotta A (2005)

In a missionary meeting in 2005, Pastor Jose Satirio Dos Santos gave a prophetic word to the child José Antonio who is now known Psalmist Jotta A. This video is a motivation for the entire family of faith to stay in the ways of God because He keeps His Word and for the world to know that God’s word is alive.

Pastor Jose Satirio (to Jotta A): What is your name?,
Jotta A: Jose Antonio.
Pastor Jose Satirio: I see you have a much desire to worship God. Do you have something to say to all these people?.
Jotta A: Yes, God can bless each of you.

Pastor Jose Satirio to Pastor Cesino: Your ministry has been marked by stages of struggles and trials. Also of conquest. God raised up your life in Brazil to be beyond a Church Pastor in a city. God raised up your life to be a National voice for Missionary work! Today your life is an example for our Pastors in Brazil, America, and where the Word is preached. All Pastors respect your effort, your faith and the leadership in you. In your prayers you have always asked God to raise Missionaries. Today the years have passed, God approved your work and there are Missionaries everywhere in Latin America and even worldwide. But the Word of the Lord for you today is:

(Showing Jose Antonio) “This is the generation that comes after! in your houses, there are children like this. And, here today Jose represents the Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, and Apostles of tomorrow that God is raising up in our nation to revolutionize Brazil and the World. ”

Pastor Jose Satirio Prophecise for Jotta in Prayer:
“Raise your hand now Jose. Father, we praise you for this beautiful night of blessing and the life of Jose Antonio. I affirm Jose’s steps on the eternal rock of ages, according to your word Glorious God. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit be on Jose as a Watchtower and Spokesperson of your Word through his Ministry. Today I present to your people, Jose. May Jose’s voice  revolutionize lives, families, homes, transform peoples and nations through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen”

Centro Cristiano.
La Palabra Profética

In this, I saw the power of the Holy Spirit and prophecy come to pass in a life of the now Jose Antonio (Jotta A) as he follows the path of the Holy Spirit and fullfil his calling.  There is power of tongue and there is power in the anointing of God.  Jotta carries a heavy calling that even some aged man of God are struggling to continue and remain in the right path with God and some are failing.  This is not because Jotta  is smarter than any of them, but because he remains in the Lord, and through prayer, commitment and supporting prayers from people around the world,  he conquers it’s temptation by looking back into the prophecy.  Most of all is by the Grace of God who protects those who remain in Him.

Follow Jotta A on Tweeter: @eujottaa and please leave comments if you can.

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5 thoughts on “The Annointing of Jotta A – Jose Antonio Vianna

  1. I see that you are fan of Jotta A;I also love and follow Brazilian children gospel singers,may I suggest some of them (you probably already know them):Michely Manuely (she sang duet with Jotta A,published two albums so far-Senhor de Milagres & Aleluia Hallelujah),Leandro Vinicius(published one album-Santo,and is about to publish second-Soberano),Isac Santos (boy with wonderful voice-has one album Além da Canção),Bekah Costa (one album-Vivendo em Milagres),Julia Maciel (one album-Invencivel),Gabriel(little boy,published album before his seventh birthday-Grandes Sucessos Na Voz De Gabriel).There are others,of course.Brazil has quite a lot of talented children singers.


    • Thank you. I hope someday I get to meet the children you have mentioned and experience something that will also make me write and share with the World, thus reaching out to the lost. I picked Jotta A, mainly because of an experienced encounter and the anointing that is on him that can be felt physically. I hope to meet all those you have listed some day and may God bless them and continue to use them for His purpose. God bless you too.


    • I totally agree, Im so motivated by these young singers on Joven Talentos Kids, Raul Gil, that I always look at Brazil’s christian internet programs. Im a fan of all those kids and always pray for them, Jotta included. I encourage all christians to pray for these children for they are the future minister, or should I say present?


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