Jotta A – Teen Age 2

ImageCatching up with Jotta A

Writing about Jotta A is quite interesting and inspiring along the way.  The whole processing of tracking his Ministry and trying to keep up is a blessing because it comes along with listening to his beautiful anointing music and praising & worshiping all the time.  His Angelic voice still makes one slip into prayer moments.

The young man born to inspire and make a difference in the world at a time like this, when many youths are rebelling.  His Anointing and Worshiping music from album Essencia continues to be contagiously transforming and his New Generation Music is breathtaking and ministers to millions of people, especially young people (Album:  Geração de Jesus).  No longer a little boy that sang “Agnus Dei” that received over 14 million views at the time of writing and even more estimated at 50 million on different channels on the internet and mostly YouTube, stirring the Christian and non-Christian community globally, Jotta A (Joseph Antonio), now 16 years old, remains committed and immersed in the work of the Lord.  Many turn away, face temptations in the world full of wealth, gadgets, women, and things that tempt a young mind to go of course, but this anointed young man chooses to remain the Christ.  Not immune to temptation and all that comes along with it of course, but fights against all odds to make it on slippery grounds.  Being a youth, there are several things that hinder destinations and calls the choice is up to an individual to focus and not lose direction, focusing on the call.  Jotta A is a young Christian Soldier who focuses on winning in battles that Youth go through and this can only be achieved by remaining in Christ so that when one falls, they never remain on the ground.  In a World where many singers have changed path and taken other routes to fulfill worldly living desires, many pray that the young man remains in the Lord.

jotta AThis year 2014 has been full of praises to God as he releases a new album “The Jesus Generation” as its name suggests a generation full of fearless young people standing up for God and endeavoring to be more like Christ, young people focusing on reaching out other lost youth and drawing them to Jesus Christ.  The question still remains in many people’s minds, what could be so special about Jotta A?, well its the anointing of the Holy Spirit on him in which when he is ministering, he is mature, committed and vicious, standing up with confidence and faith, and that can only be achieved and backed by the Holy Spirit, for its not by power or by might, but by the Spirit of God.  Jotta A’s supporters and all those who were blessed by his Ministry support him all the way and continue to pray for him all over the world, and the prayer of the saints make a difference.  Jotta A is humble, amid the success he has achieved and remains in the hands of the Lord and this is one of the facts that people admire and love this young man who is naturally adorable and one cannot help but fall in love with him and his music.

Withstanding the heat:

In every Celebrity or famous person there is always the press, the rumors, jealous people, and anti-supporters behind working so hard at what their titles suggest.  With social networks, blogs and all the 21st century methods that allow people to interact and agree or disagree and recruit followers alike, rumors can tarnish victim’s images and characters and at times lead to destruction, psychologically, physically and emotionally, but it is amazing that at such a young age and right from the beginning, Jotta A has been able to handle all the pressure and the effects caused by all the above, without wavering from God. Just how strong can one be?, well it all goes back to the power of the Holy Spirit and faith in Christ.  Not that we have one young man who is immune to sin or perfect, but that we have one young man who thrives not to lose focus of his Calling and destiny and keeps maintaining balance so he does not fall and remain on the ground.

Social Life:

Jotta A in all his pretty hectic life, gets some time to hang out with friends, has fun, like any other teenager and cool off pressures, but with boundaries that enable him to remain focused on his call.  It is  a delight to see him taking some time off living a lovely normal kid life just like all those people who go to work and return home.  So does Jotta A, he is employed by the Lord, goes to work and comes back home and engages in homely times and his own time comfortably.  Issues always arise, where people want to know even about his wardrobe, how he dresses, his jewelery, his fashion, and even his food and his diet, these are personal and do not affect his Ministry and those who are blessed by it.  Nevertheless, the concerns always get on the rise and sometimes become provoking. Jotta has favorite things that he likes as a young man, and he is not an all-knowing wise-man or a genius, no, he learns as he goes, just like every other human being.  When a child touches a flame on the candle and feels the heat, next time it tries to avoid it, that is just how we all learn, it’s “learn as you go” and it never ends until one takes the last breath. However, his times out includes swimming, out with friends or family to the seaside or other places of interest.


People’s reaction, especially fellow believers sometimes end up idolizing him and see him as a special person who should be without sin whatsoever, and so scan him to see any defects.  These defects would probably force them to waiver from their faiths and lose focus on loving and following Jesus Christ, as they focus on who Jotta A dates, what he wears, and every single word that comes out of his mouth. Jotta A remains a very good unique role model who bears fruits in what his good works for the Lord.  Jotta is always surrounded by his family who encourage him, support him and are believers.

There has been several comments again and critics on his new voice.  I am yet to see a male voice that does not break at a certain point in life either when they reach puberty or sometime later along the way.  Jotta A is no different.  His voice, though some would have expected him to remain with the voice the know that made him famous when he sang “Agnus Dey”, has matured into a beautiful adult voice that still reaches out to the listeners and conveys the message through singing.


Jotta AIn social lifestyle, Jotta A loves life like any other youngster.  Which young man has not dreamt of loving a girl or wanting to date or admire one?  Jotta A is not different.  The difference is discipline and self-control which amazingly several young man are able to do, but again it is by choice where one reminds themselves what is important, how and when to open certain chapters in their lives and begin to embark on them.  So does Jotta have a girlfriend or anyone he admires and wants to be with? Like any other young man he is due to fall in love, however, there is not much to say on this subject as it remains personal.   Jotta A personally interacts with friends, fans and supporters on Twitter and Instagram, though many a time he takes some time off social networks to focus on important issues and his ministry.

Ministry Update

Jotta A’ Ministry, Jotta is travelling around South America Ministering the Word of God and has been to Africa and Europe and other Countries and still has more to travel to.


Jotta A balances education and singing.  He has mostly tweeted he is in school and sometimes gets requested to sing in class!  Lucky classmates!, what a blessing, they get to hear that angelic voice live and close-by.  Jotta is friendly and a down to earth and respectful person always smiling and loving.

Related:  BOOK

Jotta A is Joseph in the Book, based on a True Story: A Waterfall of Agape LoveAuthor Tori. V. This book describes his personality, his anointing, physical description and character, but mostly the Holy Spirit working together with him.  Worthy reading.  Grab it here!


7 thoughts on “Jotta A – Teen Age 2

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  3. i love jotta A soo much and his songs tooo i pray that he will still praise our God and Creator and my birthday or my day of birth is 8th October 2000 and am 15yrs of age

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  4. I pray that he continues to be a God fearing and inspiring person for the rest of his already mentioned,many teenagers lack his courage,strong will and determination to stay in Christ…I pray that teenagers follow his example..including myself

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