Jotta A – Teen Age 2

Daily Sunrise

ImageCatching up with Jotta A

Writing about Jotta A is quite interesting and inspiring along the way.  The whole processing of tracking his Ministry and trying to keep up is a blessing because it comes along with listening to his beautiful anointing music and praising & worshiping all the time.  His Angelic voice still makes one slip into prayer moments.

The young man born to inspire and make a difference in the world at a time like this, when many youths are rebelling.  His Anointing and Worshiping music from album Essencia continues to be contagiously transforming and his New Generation Music is breathtaking and ministers to millions of people, especially young people (Album:  Geração de Jesus).  No longer a little boy that sang “Agnus Dei” that received over 14 million views at the time of writing and even more estimated at 50 million on different channels…

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