How NOT To Pray Amiss-Getting Answers-Changing The Way


Prayers has always been around and many still pray in vain.  Some have turned to books on how to pray effectively, listened to preaching about prayer and still to no avail, responses just never seem to come.  Well, here is an effective way to pray that is worth trying.  One just has to shift from doubtful prayers to faithful prayers.  It may take some time to get into this system but will be the easiest thing once in motion. Here’s how:

Is asking God wrong then?
Absolutely not, but, if you ask God to take away poverty it means you believe you have it.  Believing you have poverty is having faith in poverty and it multiplies and manifests.  Asking God to take it away is acknowledging and confessing with your mouth that you have it and therefore doubting the power of God and giving poverty room to be powerful.  Before you know it, you have already prayed amiss.

NOTE: Pray to God, NOT to Jesus.
Prayer is direct to God as after the curtain was torn in two,  it gave path for man to communicate direct with God (Mathew 27:50). Praying in the name of Jesus is merely bearing His name (Christian), which Jesus meant in Mathew 18: 13, based before the veil was torn in two. Now Praying is direct to God.

How then should asking God be done?
Its simple, just kneel down and thank God for healing.  Avoid making a asking, just thank Him for the things he is yet to do.  When you THANK God, he proves Himself and when you ASK Him you are already doubting that, as it is written (Isiah 53:5),

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed”

Everything has already been provided, food, healing, love, etc, all one has to do is tap into it by a thanks giving prayer to God.

If you are suffering from a headache it is advisable to avoid mentioning the word ‘headache’ to God, how it has tormented you, as you will be uplifting the headache right before telling Him, what it has caused, or how strong and painful it is – that is not praying but exalting the headache in front of God, making him small and therefore you have already doubted His power. (no names of diseases or illnesses whatsoever because the disease will manifest the minute it is mentioned making your prayer a doubtful prayer of all times.

Simply thank God for healing, like, “Dear God thank you for healing me, thank you for strength, thank you for renewal”. Don’t be afraid to say it loud, make healing manifest”.!

If you mention an illness, God looks at you and sees the illness he didn’t create and knows its there because of doubt.  If you mention healing, God looks at you and sees a healed person and that healing manifest.  Same as every other request you have in mind.


Prayer is based on FAITH.




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