“Deeply Rooted” Characters


The lead characters each perform to their best and spice up their acts, each to their maximum intriguing best.  Each aims to show how good,  effective and brighter their presence paints the story, making it interesting and inviting whilst portraying links to the intended Deeply-Rooted-Love theme.  The actors leap out of the story and become real, as soon as one starts to read.  The way they communicate, the language, expressions, impressions, lamentations and poetic talk used, scene songs, their kind of life, beliefs, and actions, stir each other up as they compete for audiences, thus lifting one’s reading spirit.  The supporting characters are unique and seem to push the lead actors to take an extra-mile to show their true colors.  You will definitely appreciate and feel their presence in the story.  Each of them aims to be the one that lights the brightest spark in the lead characters.  Have a look at how the lead characters will influence every reader in a way.

Lead Characters

You will either like her or dislike her, I wouldn’t blame you for your choice, honestly, she brings that out of the reader. Until you get to know her, then whatever your decision, at least you will have a basis. She’s capable of changing the Reader‘s mind about things and situations. One won’t help feeling a little envy of her, once one gets past the resentment stage, if she had managed to instill that in one, of course. Regardless, she will show you how to vulnerably handle ‘him’ and still stay confidently in position as a woman of substance. After the story, you might find your new-self surfacing involuntarily, unveiled by her character. You may also soon be ready to make that choice you were dreading to make in a relationship, looking at options available to becoming a woman of substance, exploring all possibilities.

An in-born humble adorable charmer. Capable of changing the way you love forever. He knows what he wants in life, how to get it and how to retain it, that includes people. If you are not careful, he will force you to stay with him all throughout, whether you like him or not because you want to know what else he is capable of saying or doing. All of a sudden there is a possibility you want him as your personal love guru or more!.

In his world there is no rush. Charming, handsome but you might want to volunteer to wake him not to just smell the coffee, but drink it too. At the end you may wash your hands, not knowing what else to do with him.

All the other co- characters you will choose as you go and they will make you wonder why the grass is green, as each one fights to be the one to stir things a little.


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